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Kau Homes for sale are among the most affordable on the Big Island. This district is populated by small towns and is decidedly rural. Many undeveloped lots are available at low prices and remote locations are often off the grid requiring self serve utilities. The side of the island is drier than the Hilo side and in less demand. There is plenty of open space and it’s easy to maintain independence and privacy in virtually any home whether oceanfront or upcountry. macadamia nut orchards are common here.

Home prices range from multimillion dollar ranch estates to undeveloped properties in the tens of thousands. some areas have been designated as developments since the early 1900s but remain undeveloped. Property purchases in the Kau district are uniquely challenging and a knowledgeable experienced local Big Island Hawaii real estate agent should always be consulted.

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Great Schools

This compilation of local school websites is provided to assist you in your search to fulfill your child’s educational needs. This is not a complete list, nor should it be considered as a recommendation of any school.

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See more information on Kau schools from GreatSchools.org.

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