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Hilo Hawaii is a rugged paradise that’s more volcanic hotspot then tourist Mecca. Hilo is the weather side of the island, receiving more annual rainfall at 130 inches per year, than Seattle. Hilo’s rugged coastline is spectacular and wild in its beauty and the people who live here are more at one with the island and a spirit of independence. Agriculture and farming in the shadow of three volcanoes is everywhere. If you’re an outdoor person and you like nature and you will see the beauty of Hilo. Most locals feel that the quieter less tourists visited nature of the island is what makes it a great place to live. This is where people get away from it all and they feel more like this is the real Hawaii.

Hilo’s average temperature year round is 73°. It’s cooler than the western side of the island. Sunrises are the spectacular daily event of note rather than sunsets. The days are shortened by the peaks of the volcanic peaks that divide the island into two different ecosystems. If you enjoy what for all intents is perpetual springtime, Hilo is the right place to call home. Hilo is the Big Island’s largest town and serves as the seat of the county government. King Kamehameha himself gave Hilo its name. Hilo is rich with parks and attractions including the largest Japanese garden – 30 acres – this side of Tokyo.

Below is rich with history, folklore and Hawaiian legends. Through the years below has maintained the ambience of an old-fashioned town. Hilo has more of an old Hawaii field than anywhere else in the islands.

While many homes in Hilo are modest and low-priced there is still a wide variety of real estate available.

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Local Restaurants

Local dining favorites in North Hilo, curated by Yelp.

Kaaloa's Super Js

Categories: Hawaiian

Distance: 13.54 miles


546 reviews

The Coffee Shack

Categories: Breakfast & Brunch, Coffee & Tea

Distance: 15.07 miles


610 reviews

Sun Dried Specialties

Categories: Seafood, Poke

Distance: 18.28 miles


326 reviews

Manago Hotel Restaurant

Categories: Hawaiian, American (Traditional)

Distance: 16.15 miles


226 reviews

Annie's Island Fresh Burgers

Categories: Burgers

Distance: 18.99 miles


724 reviews

Loko Wraps

Categories: Hawaiian, Mexican, Juice Bars & Smoothies

Distance: 16.01 miles


199 reviews

Rebel Kitchen

Categories: Sandwiches, Diners, Cafes

Distance: 19.26 miles


406 reviews

Big Jake's Island B-B-Q

Categories: Barbeque, Hawaiian

Distance: 13.04 miles


151 reviews

Da Poke Shack

Categories: Hawaiian, Poke

Distance: 25.1 miles


1779 reviews

Teshima Restaurant

Categories: Japanese

Distance: 19.95 miles


418 reviews

Nearby Shopping

Local shopping favorites in North Hilo, curated by Yelp.

Iwa Arts & Cafe

Categories: Art Galleries, Cafes, Bakeries

Distance: 18.85 miles


21 reviews

Kimura H Store

Categories: Fabric Stores

Distance: 19.22 miles


18 reviews

Discovery Antiques

Categories: Antiques, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Distance: 17.92 miles


16 reviews

Bliss In Bloom

Categories: Bridal, Florists, Wedding Planning

Distance: 25.4 miles


40 reviews

da Bead Shop

Categories: Jewelry, Art Classes

Distance: 19.22 miles


9 reviews

Qina Girl Floral

Categories: Florists

Distance: 19.11 miles


13 reviews

Eyeland EyeDoc

Categories: Eyewear & Opticians, Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik, Optometrists

Distance: 17.87 miles


8 reviews

Aloha Toe Rings

Categories: Jewelry, Bridal, Accessories

Distance: 27.39 miles


42 reviews

All Eyes

Categories: Eyewear & Opticians, Optometrists

Distance: 19.22 miles


10 reviews

ABC Store - Kailua Kona

Categories: Cosmetics & Beauty Supply, Men's Clothing, Convenience Stores

Distance: 25.91 miles


40 reviews

School Information

Great Schools

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