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Kohala on the big Island: Home of towns like Hawi and Kapa’au. It is a place where you can see, hear, touch and taste the delicate nuances of Hawaii. It is the “pike”, the center of the planet according to Hawaiian tradition. Kohala is Hawaii’s oldest volcano and home of Hawaii’s oldest tropical rain forest. People here love the beauty, nature and lushness of the small communities that make up Kohala. The environment is wholesome and nurturing for families. People gather at community centers and enjoy activities and each others company and a sublime tropical paradise. The weather brings a daily variety of brief rain showers, rainbows, sunshine and soothing trade winds.

North Kohala is known as "Old Hawai'i" by locals

Someone who is ready to enjoy a slower pace of life will love it here and find that it’s perfect for solace and a relaxed lifestyle. Pastoral scenes grace windswept green hills overlooking ocean vistas for miles on end. This area of Hawaii is like a living dream. What locals call “old Hawai’i.” The area is rich with history and this is where the Tahitians first arrived. Kohala was the birthplace of King Kamehameha who united the islands as one nation. This has been the home of Hawaiians for many centuries. A place of immense beauty, this area is rich in both history and a continuing presence and feeling of Old Hawaii.

As you make your way up the Hawaii Highway 250 the tree-lined road will take you past pastures and farmhouses. Pololu Valley is the source of smooth stones used in many of the buildings on the island.

Well-known for seaside villages, older Hawaiian style homes and newly constructed resort estates, Kohala offers a wide variety of real estate choices for buyers of virtually every budget.

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