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Sometimes a perfect paradise contains echoes of the very soul of a place anyone might remember from their childhood. Earlier days and times hover halfway in the conscious memory of a nation of people now increasingly urbanized. Escape to a life that lives only in the dreams of many, here in a home in Hawi. If you were to magically find yourself midway on your drive from the Kohala Coast to your home in Hawi you might momentarily be tempted to think that you were driving along the rolling hills of some midwestern Nebraska farmlands.


Tall grasses are blowing the wind as you drive along the two-lane road. Strands of electrical wires loop from telephone pole to telephone pole in their familiar mesmerizing, repeating dance. A few trees crop up in a rise just beyond the meadow and beyond the line of trees, the horizon drops out of view and you don’t know what might be on the other side, but the sky is clear and the breeze is balmy. It might be spring or it perhaps even early summer. As you pass another small grove of trees and look toward your left side you see it. Blue sky meeting blue ocean.


This is no Midwest prairie or farmland even though you’ve just seen pastoral scenes with dairy cows grazing along your drive.  Around another bend and buildings begin to appear- along with palm trees.  As if to defy the weather, Christmas lights hanging from homes reveal that it is December. The Akoni Pule Highway takes you on into town. Hawi is home to a unique blend of Hawaiian natives and people like you, adopted as one of their own, a “Kama’aina.”  


Throughout the Big Island of Hawaii, life tends to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoyed at a casual pace, but that’s especially here in Hawi. When you buy a home in Hawi, you buy a corner of paradise where you become one of the neighbors and friends who live here.


Surprisingly affordable homes frequently have a panoramic view of mountainside meadows and the ocean below.  In the distance, seen across a span of ocean lies another Island, Maui. Reasonably priced comfortable homes and even custom estates are spread throughout this upcountry location. The main feature of any home here is its neighborly environs. People in Hawi live an uncrowded, friendly and mostly stress-free lifestyle. Trade wind breezes and a little bit more moisture than the Western Kona resort areas keep this area a bit cooler. The very essence of the northern edge of The Big Island is its natural terrain and low key surroundings.


You’ll want a great representative in Hawi who knows the best values so you can feel confindent in your investment. Call me now to discover your perfect Hawi home on the Big Island.

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