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A home in North Kona? Look in your own back yard. The secrets of the Island whisper through the earth and and its legend is carried in the trade winds as you stand and take it all in. It can be so quiet in some communities that when you first listen, the only sound you can hear is your own breath. Then you hear the flutter of wings and the changes in the wind that signal the subtle changes you will learn to love in Hawaii’s days and seasons.

You may be a newcomer to North Kona and you’ve seen the resorts and estates. You have a feel for the Island as a casual observer but those who live here slowly begin to see the culture of the Island and the area of North Kona. It is reserved for those who call Kona home. Those who make a commitment to the land and their family.

It is only as a homeowner that you can stand in the morning light and evening sun, day after day, month after month, and learn what Hawaiian and Aloha mean for yourself.

Have you truly learned to buy into the Hawaiian paradise? We will show you how!

If you plan for a year, plant kale.
If you plan for 10 years, plant koa.
If you plan for 100 years, teach the children.
 –Hawaiian Proverb

With the rising slopes of Mauna Loa as a stunning backdrop and the color drenched sunsets over the blue and turquoise waters of the ocean before, real estate in North Kona is interspersed between lush green golf courses, outcroppings of black rocky lava and golden sand beaches. Palm trees silhouetted on unbelievably blue Pacific waters provide the view for many North Kona homes. Upscale neighborhoods feature championship golf courses and lavish private clubhouses secured by 24-hour security and every amenity for homeowners to enjoy from sports complexes to spas and every imaginable choice of dining and entertainment.

From Keauhou to Makalawena natural preserves, cobalt blue lagoons feature everything from black rock to white sand beaches and everything in between. Sea tortoises sun on rocks and the ebb and flow of the life of the Big Island form a symphony for the senses of residents who live in homes in North Kona.

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