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Mauna Lani

“Mountain reaching heaven”… that’s what Mauna Lani means, and when you buy real estate in this exclusive resort you’ll quickly understand why this ancient land has attracted royals and kings for centuries for recreation and worship. The revered ancient grounds are still preserved to this day, while surrounding them a beautiful coastal resort with some of the Big Island’s best golfing has been created.


On the cool quiet of a Hawaiian morning, few places are better to enjoy than Mauna Lani’s two 18-hole championship golf courses that await homeowners. Later, owners and guests enjoy a private beach club and racquet club where tennis players compete on ten tennis courts. A quick refreshing swim in a lap pool or a full fledged strength training routine is there for you any day of the week in a superb fitness center.


If you’ve enjoyed an epic workout or play session and your aching muscles need a reprieve, plenty of care and creature comforts are the ready so you can be soothed and refreshed at the Mauna Lani award winning spa, boutiques, and top class dining. You never need venture far from your home when you want to enjoy wonderful entertainment, leisure and fine cuisine.


The resort lifestyle of Mauna Lani is what you’d expect to find in one of the world’s top vacation resorts, but this isn’t just a place for vacationing. You can own a world class homes or condo here and benefit from resort style living every day of the year!


Mauna Lani Real Estate comes in the classic styles and designs of Hawaii’s most popular resort destination. Premium designs and upgrades are the signature of these custom homes and condos with a wide range of pricing that reflects the high worth and demand of this community. Negotiating appropriate prices and terms should be approached with the help of a real estate agent very familiar with each community and its intrinsic value in this dynamic market. That’s why I’m your perfect choice. Unencumbered by high volume portfolios of agents in larger firms, I’m more often and more completely available to you and to serve your interests. If you’ve ever worked with an agent who seems to always be receiving inbound communications on your time, you know what I mean. I represent you and serve your needs 100%. You get an agent who is ready and able to focus on your best results. I am always aware of the latest trends and developments in the Mauna Lani home market and when you call me, you’ll know you have an advocate in your acquisition to ensure your investment returns its maximum value in your home purchase. Contact me now to begin your best home acquisition ever.

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