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How Living In Hawaii Can Extend Your Life and Improve Your Quality of Living

living on the big island could extend your

Hawaii News Now says that Americans live longer when they reside in the Aloha State. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that Hawaiians live the longest of any resident in the U.S. at an average of 81 years old in a 2016 study.

Many factors could be helping locals remain healthy and live fulfilling existences. The spirit of the island affects people in different ways, but being happy and having fewer depression symptoms are ways that beach life is beneficial. Living in a culture where companionship, friendliness, and outdoor recreation is part of… Read More

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Living on the Big Island and Enjoying all its Fine Amenities

Living on the Big Island

Living on the Big Island and Enjoying Life for One and All

Living on an island has its perks for all native residents and new arrivals. From great weather to plenty of aquatic and nautical activities, Hawaii truly offers something for everyone. Whether residing in Maui, Honolulu, Oahu or even Diamondhead – the Big Island is a haven for nature lovers and enthusiasts from across the world. In fact, Hawaii is home to a diverse and growing population – including mainlanders, native islanders, and even new arrivals from Asia and around the globe. Getting around the island chains state is… Read More

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The Pros and Cons Having an Open House

Pros And Cons - Annette Blog

Pros and Cons of Open Houses


Did you know that there are drawbacks to holding an open house? Do you know that you do not have to let your agent have a public showing to sell your home? Many individuals do not realize that there are good and bad reasons to show off your home when you are selling it. For most sellers, the open house is an incredible way to drum up interest and get your home sold. So, how do you decide whether to have the open house or to go strictly with private showings to sell… Read More

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9 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

9 Tips To Selling Your Home Fast

When you choose to sell your house, you want the process to go smoothly, and better yet quickly. Everyone seems to have an idea of what will sell your house, but what tips should you follow and which ones are better left alone? After analyzing the data, our experts have a list of the top nine ideas that can help you get an offer on your house.

1. Take Care Of Any Maintenance and Repair Issues

One way to make sure your home selling process goes smoothly is to clear up any potential problems for the inspection before putting your… Read More

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The Legacy of the Merrie Monarch Festival

The Legacy of the Merrie Monarch Festival (1)

The “Merrie Monarch”

An annual event on the Big Island of Hawaii, The Merrie Monarch Festival, is held to honor the legacy of King David Kalākaua, who reigned from 1864 until his death in 1891. The King was known by his people as the “Merrie Monarch” because of his devoted patronage to the arts. Kalākaua had a lively personality and loved to entertain guests with his singing and ukulele playing.

During his time as King, Kalākaua inspired the continuation of many of Hawaii’s cultural traditions, native languages and arts that had been lost, including the hula which had been… Read More

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You’re Moving to the Big Island, But How Do You Find the Right Home?

Moving to the big island

Moving to the Big Island and Finding the Right Home to Buy

The idea of moving to the Big Island of Hawaii is a thrilling time for those lucky enough to be in that position. The thought of the beautiful weather year-round, endless outdoor activities, and incredible history, enough to make anyone excited about the chance to move to paradise. The only downside, this is something many people doing every day, so the available properties are moving fast.
Here are some tips for moving to the Big Island of Hawaii and finding the house of your dreams.


Gathering… Read More

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How Do You Create Great Curb Appeal?

How Do You Create Great Curb Appeal?

Are you preparing to sell your home on the Big Island? Does your yard look a little dull? Do you want to spruce up your front porch to make it more appealing? Do you want a space where you can entertain, relax, or enjoy the outdoors? Adding a new coat of paint, a few pots of plants or an elegant arbor to your front yard will help you get the design you want, and it may boost the value of your home a bit. Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come, or you are… Read More

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Buying a Home on the Big Island?

Thinking of buyig a home on the big island

Buying a Home is a Big Decision and Sometimes Things Can Go Wrong


Everyone envisions that living on the Big Island of Hawaii is simply paradise, and they are right. The trouble is that the properties are limited and the potential buyers are not, so unless you are working closely with a Realtor who has experience locating the right houses and getting the perfect offer presented to the seller, you will be frustrated when your dream home slips away.


Here are a few things that can go wrong when you are trying to buy a home on… Read More

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Investment Property in Hawaii

Investment property

Benefits of Owning Investment Property on the Big Island


Investing in an income property in Hawaii can be a very lucrative business opportunity. There are countless benefits for investing in real estate property and when it’s in Hawaii, you reap the benefits of owning a property on the beautiful Big Island. There are risk factors to consider when purchasing any property whether it will be for your own personal use or for a rental opportunity.


Here we’ll look at why an investment property on the Big Island can be a lucrative:


You Are Running Your Own… Read More

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House Staging Tips for Selling on the Big Island of Hawaii

Home Staging Tips

The Big Island of Hawaii may be paradise to all who reside here, the trouble is that with so many interested in buying a home, you might not get the full price you were hoping when you sell. Working with a local real estate agents will not only ensure you get the most qualified traffic through the doors, you can rely on their experience to help make your potential buyers emotionally connect with your property.


Here are a few tips from the top realtors on the Big Island of Hawaii for staging your home to sell for maximum price:

Read More

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