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How to Find the True Value of Your Home

getting your homes value

If you are in the market to sell your home one of the things that you have to do is figure out how much it is worth. This can seem like a very complicated task – there is wear and tear, you may have made additions and improved other things in and around your home that have affected its original value. There are certain steps that you can take to ensure that you get your home valuation correct.

The other end of that spectrum are people that think that valuing a property is easy.  Whether they look at what another… Read More

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9 Tips to Sell Your Home on the Big Island

tips for selling your home on the big island

9 Tips to Sell Your Home in Hawaii

It seems that there is always someone in the market for a new home in Hawaii. Real estate sales volume for the 2017 is on a healthy trend over 2016 and sales for single family homes is up from the previous year so sellers are feeling good. However, those who are looking to sell their homes by the end of this year or in 2018 should not become complacent.

Buyers are being particular and when they move to Hawaii they are looking for a particular lifestyle. So you want to make sure… Read More

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Tips on Buying a Home On The Big Island

tips on buying a home in hawaii

Tips on Buying a Home in Hawaii


Buying a home for most of us is a huge investment, which is why you should look before you leap. Buying a home in Hawaii has it’s own set of challenges so it’s important for you to first of all garner the services of a professional real estate agent who can help you purchase a home that will meet your financial and your lifestyle expectations.


Below are a few tips that will hopefully, make buying your new home in Hawaii less complicated and ensure that when you do buy you… Read More

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Things to Consider When Moving to The Big Island – Hawaii

things to consider moving to the big island

Things to Consider When Moving To the Big Island


You may be thinking of moving to Hawaii, and it is indeed a beautiful place to live. A paradise  with a charming culture. Nevertheless, there are a few things you do need to take into consideration before you pack up and head to the Big Island. It is often said that people who live on the Island are often healthier, happier and livelier than people who stay in other areas.

And, although this might be true, you need to know that life’s challenges and stress can still come… Read More

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Hawaii’s Conveyance Tax


Unique to Hawaii – The Conveyance Tax


Living in Hawaii is a wonderful experience.  Having a home on the Big Island is very unique – the differences are not only the beautiful scenery and luxury properties – but the way property taxes work in Hawaii are a little different too.  Hawaii’s Conveyance Tax is a price example.

Hawaii, at the state level, collects a conveyance tax on every sold property.  Every real estate transaction has a Conveyance Tax.  The tax itself, is paid out of closing and is deducted from any proceeds the seller will receive.  In real estate… Read More

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4 Tips For The First Time Homebuyer

first time homebuyers

Buying a home on the Big Island?

Here are 4 tips…

Quite possibly one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your lifetime will be buying your first home. It can be a bit overwhelming and you may even feel like you are having to learn a second language: Escrow, interest rates, down payments, HOAs, credit scores, pre-approvals. Let’s start by assuming that you clicked on this article because you have made the decision to purchase a home—and you fall into the category above and are actually going to read the 5 tips you should consider before you… Read More

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Moving to Hawaii

living in Hawaii

Living in  Hawaii


Thinking about moving to Hawaii?  Not only is Hawaii a great place to buy a home, but the lifestyle in Hawaii is simply a life changing experience.  Here are some helpful tips if you are considering a move to Hawaii.

One of the best ways to research living in Hawaii is by visiting. If you can, come for a vacation, and take a look at the island through the eyes of a resident. Ask the locals how they like living in Hawaii. Visit the grocery stores, read Hawaii real estate blogs, visit the pharmacy, the library, and… Read More

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Yachting on the Islands

yachting on the islands

Yachting on the Islands

The Hawaiian Islands offer some of the best sailing in the world and is one of the many reasons that draws people to come to Hawaii and make it their permanent home. Waikiki offers steady wind and a relatively calm bay for sailing and power boating all year. Diving, snorkeling, and swimming off your boat in the crystal-clear water is something everyone loves to do. It really is living the dream lifestyle! However, with the limited slips and moorings available on Oahu, let’s talk about where you can keep your boat when you live on Oahu.

Read More

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Fee Simple vs. Leasehold vs. Fee Available

homes in hawaii

Fee Simple vs. Leasehold vs. Fee Available

While browsing through the listings for your new home on the Big Island you may be coming across the phrase “Leasehold,” Fee Simple,” and “Fee Available. This is particularly so for many condominiums on the market. A buyer might find a building that could have several condos for sale with one being sold as “Fee Simple,” one as a “Leasehold,” and another with as “Fee Available” making it a challenge to understand the difference.

So what are these terms and what do they mean to you as a buyer?

Fee Simple

Fee… Read More

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Living on the Big Island

living on the big island

Hawaii Island has always been a want-to-go destination for adventure travelers worldwide and in recent years more and more people are deciding to move to the Big Island to live out their dreams.

It’s no surprise that this is so as Hawaii has a lot to offer with an active volcano that can be biked, hiked and explored; the world’s tallest mountain, Mauna Kea that has an altitude of 4,205 meters (13,796 feet).

And, that is only the beginning of what there is to see and do on the Big Island from tropical rain-forests, towering waterfalls and lava tubes… Read More

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