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Big Island Real Estate Spot Light: Holualoa

Holualoa has plenty of Big Island real estate.

Located in the heart of coffee country, Holualoa is a java lover’s dream. In addition to serving those who have an affinity for great coffee, this area of the Kona coast is well known for its art and history as well. If you’re looking for Big Island homes for sale, Holualoa has plenty to offer. Explore the many reasons to put this location at the top of the list for your Big Island real estate agent.

A Coffee Lover’s Paradise


Many people who enjoy coffee have heard of Kona coffee. The great news is it’s grown throughout the North and… Read More

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What to Look for in a Big Island Realtor

Learn what to look for in a Big Island realtor.

Buying Big Island real estate is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, this is a choice you will have to live with, maybe for the rest of your life. When it comes to finding a Big Island realtor, you need to make sure you select one who can provide the guidance you need to find your perfect piece of paradise. These tips will help you find a realtor to help you evaluate the Big Island homes for sale so you don’t experience buyer’s remorse.

Check Licensing and Credentials


You want a realtor who is dedicated to… Read More

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Can Purchasing Rental Property Make Your Dreams Of Living In Hawaii Come True?

Luxury home with swimming pool

For many people, the dream of living in Hawaii starts with a visit. One week of vacation turns into two, and before you know it you’re planning as much time as possible to enjoy the beautiful year-round weather and sunsets that are simply like no other.

According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, around 3.5 million Americans visit Hawaii each year, with closer to 8 million visiting from around the world.

And for every person that visits Hawaii, they all need a place to stay. Hotels can only accommodate so many; the rest turn to private rentals.

If you have a… Read More

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Is Hawaii The Dream Retirement Location You’ve Been Searching For?

Is Hawaii The Dream Retirement Location You’ve Been Searching For?

Retiring in Hawaii is a dream many people have. And why not? Whether you’ve been to Hawaii or not, the concept of slower paced island living, coupled with beautiful tropical breezes all year through can excite just about anyone.

On the surface, to question retiring and living in paradise seems to be a no-brainer. Yet in reality it can be a very complicated – and personal – question.

If you’re nearing retirement, life can be filled with all sorts of thoughts and dreams. After all, you’ve worked hard to get where you are today, why not enjoy it in the… Read More

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Big Island Real Estate Spot Light: Puako

Make the most of your life in Hawaii with Puako homes for sale.

Retiring to Hawaii doesn’t have to be fantasy, but before you start looking at Big Island real estate, you’ll have to decide which areas appeal to you and what you want from your retirement years. When you first start working with a Big Island realtor, he or she will ask you what you like to do and what you envision for your ideal home. On the northwest side of the island, Puako is an area known as an affluent retirement community with plenty to offer residents.

A Pleasant Atmosphere


If you’ve been thinking about retiring in paradise, Big Island homes… Read More

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Retiring Out Of State? Consider These Tips Before Moving To The Big Island

Retiring Out Of State? Consider These Tips Before Moving To The Big Island

A lot goes into the decision to retire. And when retirement coincides with a move out of state, life can grow challenging at best. Yes, the process may be something you’ve looked forward to for a long time, but the long list of things to do to make it a reality can quickly cut into your enjoyment if you overlook some of the most important tasks.

Retiring may be the easy part. Moving out of state brings on its own share of stress. Add in the nuances of a move from the mainland to Hawaii and you’re a prime candidate… Read More

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Live The Summer Lifestyle Every Day On The Big Island

Live The Summer Lifestyle Every Day On The Big Island

Tired of the 120 degree heat waves in the summer, and the below zero temperatures in the winter? Want a lifestyle that gives you a more balanced approach to temperatures all year through?

Welcome to life on the Big Island. That’s one of the top reasons many choose to retire or have second homes here.

But don’t think living in paradise means won’t have to adjust to the weather. The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” can even apply to some place as ideal as Hawaii. When you live on the Big Island, its perpetual summer… Read More

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Big Island Real Estate: Where you should settle?

Big Island Luxury Ranches

White beaches, rich local culture, amazing watersports, stunning scenery, wonderful walking, laid back living – there are so many things that draw very different people to life on our diverse and beautiful Big Island. To help you find the best places to live in Hawaii to make your island dreams a reality, we’ve shared a few prime locations for Big Island Hawaii real estate, based on a range of lifestyles…

If you love…city living

1. Hilo

Set on the… Read More

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Big Island Real Estate Spotlight: Living in Kailua Kona


When it comes to Big Island real estate, there are many amazing areas, each location offering a unique atmosphere. This can make finding the ideal home on the Big Island challenging. If you are looking for a lively place with deep historic roots, Kailua Kona real estate may be your best choice.

Supreme Location


When you’re looking at Kailua Kona real estate, rest assured you are choosing a home that puts you in close proximity to everything Kona has to offer. Located right in the center of the Big Island’s west coast, you will be within easy driving distance of many of… Read More

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Your Guide to Property Taxes in Hawaii

Buying A Retirement Home On The Big Island? Here’s How To Adjust To Hawaiian Seasons

When I speak to house-hunters considering owning property in Hawaii, one of the many “How to move to Hawaii” questions I hear centers around property taxes.

Can you buy property in Hawaii and avoid property taxes if you use it as a holiday home? How do Hawaii’s property taxes vary across the state? How does Hawaii’s property tax compare to that of other US states? Are cars and boats subject to tax?

To help get your property taxation questions answered, I’ve put together and quick and simple guide to give you all the facts.

Property Taxes in Hawaii: The Basics

Read More

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