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Fall Tips for Big Island Homeowners

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November is here! Lucky locals know that ho`oilo in beautiful Hawaii doesn’t mean blizzards or black ice—but the possibility of cooler weather and rainy days still makes autumn a perfect time to perform a few annual checks on your property to ensure you’re keeping your beautiful Big Island home in tip-top condition. Whether you’re a current Hawaii homeowner or looking to dive into the clear blue waters of Kona with your real estate agent for the Kona Coast, check out the following fall tips for Big Island homeowners.

1. Stay energy efficient.

Locals know that energy bills in Hawaii… Read More

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12 Real Estate Tips: Live on the Big Island

Tips for big island real estate

Video: Top 12 Tips to Turn Your Dream Move Into a Reality.

Big Island real estate is a completely unique experience, different than anywhere else in the world. As a broker and real estate agent, I’m excited to use my expertise and passion for the Big Island to put together rich, informative resources for people who want to make the leap into Hawaii real estate.

Today I invite you to watch my video, Top 12 Tips to Turn Your Dream Move Into a Reality.

The video explains how to request my beautifully illustrated, fully… Read More

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Why Flood Insurance Is Not Optional for Big Island Properties

As is the case in many places, potential homeowners looking to purchasing Big Island properties have to be vigilant about protecting themselves, their homes, and their possessions from flood damage.

Hawaii records an average of 8 flash flood events per year, with the peak flood season occurring in October through April. Rainfall, hurricanes, tsunamis, tropical storm surges and surface runoff all contribute.

Hawaii’s eight yearly flood events seem insignificant compared to larger states, like Texas, which records an average of over 500 flood events a year. But that doesn’t mean you can go without flood insurance, as every part of… Read More

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Big Island Real Estate Saves the Planet: Residential Solar Energy

A bit of honesty for those considering buying Big Island real estate: there are a thousand reasons to buy on the Big Island, but there’s also one negative.

Importing energy to Hawaii is costly. Which means, of course, residents take the hit on their monthly energy bill—often paying between three and four times more than on the mainland.


But Hawaii and the Big Island are resourceful places.

Hawaii has more rooftop solar panels per capita than any other place in the country. On the Big Island, unlike other locations in the US, solar panels aren’t just for diehard environmentalists.

Read More

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Why Kona Condominiums Are The Hottest Real Estate Market

 Along the Kona Coast on the Big Island, the sea sparkles, the sun beams bright most days, the world’s best coffee sprouts from acres and acres of rich soil, and year-to-date condo sales have increased by 6.28% in 2014! 


The last item in that list of Kona perks may not seem as enthralling as the others—but it is! As Big Island real estate professionals know, it’s an exciting time for Big Island real estate, and Kona condominium sales are part of the very promising big picture.

By the numbers

 Not only have sales gone up over 6%… Read More

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5 Unique Benefits of Big Island Luxury Real Estate

Here on the Big Island, luxury real estate is truly exceptional.

Not only do Big Island luxury homes feature all of the top-of-the-line amenities you’d expect…like spa-quality bathrooms, infinity swimming pools and gleaming gourmet kitchens. They are also provide exclusive perks that are difficult to find anywhere else, thanks to the benefits afforded to us by our year-round mild climate, rich cultural heritage, and spectacular natural surroundings.

Thinking of making a big move to the Big Island?

Here are five unique bonuses of high-end Hawaii living that just might just encourage you to make the leap!

Unprecedented Views


Imagine… Read More

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North Kohala vs. South Kohala: Where to Buy Your Big Island Home

They may be neighbors with similar names, but North and South Kohala present two very different versions of life on the Big Island—with contrasting vibes, climates, attractions, and real estate options to consider.  

In the midst of a search of Big Island homes and wondering which area is right for you? Here are a few key differences between North Kohala and South Kohala (a.k.a the Kohala Coast) to help you decide.

Climate and Geography

Both North and South Kohala are found on the west coast of the Big Island.

In North Kohala, the thumb… Read More

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Buying on the Big Island


Beaches of literally every color, including the famed black sand beaches that sparkle like diamonds in the surf and sun, create a magic unlike anywhere on earth. The highest waterfalls on the windward side cascade hundreds of feet. Hawaii’s highest, Hi’ilawe Falls are a staggering 1600 feet of free falling fresh water. From Volcanos to isolated “cowboy” paniolo enclaves to rugged cliffs falling into the world’s bluest waters, Hawaii offers endless adventures that only a local can truly begin to experience. Making Hawaii… Read More

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