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How Virtual Reality is Helping the Real Estate Industry

How VR is Helping the RE Industry

The Virtual Real Estate Industry


Virtual reality (VR) used to be a thing of future, but is now the latest and greatest in real estate technology. This sci-fi like experience can transport you into different world and scenarios. Virtual reality technology has been adapted for entertainment, gaming, education, and even job training. The ability to move to different worlds while also having total control of your body in a life-like setting is a game changer to many industries, and real estate is no exception. Virtual reality is reinventing the home-buying and remodeling industry;


Home listings


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Big Island Real Estate in Review – 2017

Big Island Stats

Extraordinary Growth or Underwhelming Progress?

From its dynamic vistas, to the unique culture, there’s much to love about living on the Big Island of Hawaii and it’s easy lifestyle quickly becomes ingrained in the minds of locals and visitors alike. Our tropical paradise was hit hard by the Great Recession of 2008 and, in the years following this catastrophic event, the Hawaii housing sector underwent unparalleled transition.

 Hawaii Island 2017 vs. 2016 Stats

Although the roll-out of new housing developments remains relatively constrained, real estate prices reached record heights in 2014 and, while we are seeing promising signs, the actual… Read More

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Getting a Return on Your Remodeling Investment

considering remodeling

Making Sure You Get a Return On Investment From Your Remodel


How Much Should I Invest?


If you are thinking about remodeling, the first thing you need to consider is how much of that investment will you really see when you sell your home on the Big Island. Most experts agree, that you’re much less likely to recoup your investment for a major kitchen or bathroom remodel than you would if you spent the same amount on basic home maintenance such as new siding. According to a recent study done by Remodeling Magazine, replacing your siding… Read More

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Color Psychology Can Sell Your Home Faster

color to sell your home


Color is everywhere in Hawaii and whether it is the inviting blue of a clear summer sky on the Big Island or the cold impersonal gray of a waiting room colors have a psychological and physical impact on us.

We all react to colors, however, there are a number of factors influence that reaction. Although researchers have tried for years to pin down a universal classification system that predicts how people interpret and respond to the colors around them, none have accomplished it.

What they have discovered is that as much as colors and hues… Read More

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Big Island Real Estate: Q1 2017 Update

family on beach big island real estate

With the recent election, many people have adopted a wait-and-see approach before buying a house to allow the markets to readjust. It seems, however, that the markets will continue to remain stable and even, gradually rise throughout 2017. So, if you’d decided to wait until post-inauguration for the economy to come to terms with new leadership, consider your wait over. The real estate market is still healthy and growing and homeownership may be the smartest investment that you make this year. The Big Island has a unique real estate market that buyers should get familiar with before making a purchase…. Read More

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Market Watch: Big Island Real Estate Q4 2016

palm trees dusk hawaii real estate market

The weather may be cooling down (as much as it ever does here in Hawaii), but the real estate market on the Big Island is not. While you might expect to see a dip in home sales in the fall, that certainly hasn’t been the case this year. If you’re considering purchasing a home on the Big Island, here is what you need to know about current market conditions.


Sales of single-family homes continues to increase

real estate market hawaii

Families… Read More

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Should I Move to Hawaii? Four Reasons You Should Take the Leap

two people sitting on a beach move to hawaii

Have you ever arrived at the end of a relaxing vacation on the Big Island and thought—should I move to Hawaii? When you’re sitting at the outdoor airport in Kona at 9pm and it’s still 75 degrees, it’s tough to think about going back to parkas, snow shovels, and ice-covered roads next winter. Maybe this is the year you trade in your down coat for a few pairs of Havaianas flip flops. On average, there are about seven people a day moving to the Big Island. If you wanted, you could be one of them! In fact, now might actually… Read More

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December 2015 Big Island Real Estate Buzz

Make the right choice with the help of a real estate agent on the Big Island.

Winter is a time when many people, especially those who may be retired, start thinking about spending time in a warmer climate. If you’ve always wanted to live on the Big Island, the winter months can often be one of the best times to do it. Before you start talking to a real estate agent on the Big Island, check out these real estate trends to determine if it’s a good time for you to be thinking about making this major move.

Overall Sales Are Down

One of the most attractive areas of Big Island real estate is single family homes. These homes… Read More

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Ready To Buy A Home On The Big Island? Here’s What’s Happening In The Marketplace

Ready To Buy A Home On The Big Island? Here’s What’s Happening In The Marketplace

Have you been contemplating buying a retirement home, a second home, or even a vacation rental home here on the Big Island? Have you been waiting for the market to come back up, making it beneficial to move forward with your plans?

That wait may officially be over. The outlook on the housing market is the brightest its looked since the 2008 downturn. And with the economy recovering, job… Read More

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What to Look for in a Big Island Real Estate Expert

There is no shortage of Big Island real estate expertsbig island real estate expert. After all, the Big Island is an exciting place to practice real estate.

It has breathtaking properties not found anywhere else in the world, an ever-changing real estate landscape, and motivated potential homebuyers looking to completely change their lives and realize their dreams by moving to the Big Island.


But not all Big Island real estate experts are created equal

Check out these five key characteristics to look for as… Read More

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