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Buying a Home on the Big Island?

Thinking of buyig a home on the big island

Buying a Home is a Big Decision and Sometimes Things Can Go Wrong


Everyone envisions that living on the Big Island of Hawaii is simply paradise, and they are right. The trouble is that the properties are limited and the potential buyers are not, so unless you are working closely with a Realtor who has experience locating the right houses and getting the perfect offer presented to the seller, you will be frustrated when your dream home slips away.


Here are a few things that can go wrong when you are trying to buy a home on… Read More

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Investment Property in Hawaii

Investment property

Benefits of Owning Investment Property on the Big Island


Investing in an income property in Hawaii can be a very lucrative business opportunity. There are countless benefits for investing in real estate property and when it’s in Hawaii, you reap the benefits of owning a property on the beautiful Big Island. There are risk factors to consider when purchasing any property whether it will be for your own personal use or for a rental opportunity.


Here we’ll look at why an investment property on the Big Island can be a lucrative:


You Are Running Your Own… Read More

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House Staging Tips for Selling on the Big Island of Hawaii

Home Staging Tips

The Big Island of Hawaii may be paradise to all who reside here, the trouble is that with so many interested in buying a home, you might not get the full price you were hoping when you sell. Working with a local real estate agents will not only ensure you get the most qualified traffic through the doors, you can rely on their experience to help make your potential buyers emotionally connect with your property.


Here are a few tips from the top realtors on the Big Island of Hawaii for staging your home to sell for maximum price:

Read More

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What Type of Home are YOU Looking For?

homes of the big island

The Big Island Has it All

Big Island real estate continues to attract investors from all over Hawaii. From luxury condos and penthouses to bay-front properties, there are several types of homes available on the market.

Big Island architecture is synonymous with modern and contemporary décor as well as homes that feature traditional décor, along with easy access to sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. If living on the Big Island, you are probably aware of the latest residential and commercial developments. In fact, real estate on the Big Island is among the fastest growing markets in Hawaii – with… Read More

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Big Island Real Estate in Review – 2017

Big Island Stats

Extraordinary Growth or Underwhelming Progress?

From its dynamic vistas, to the unique culture, there’s much to love about living on the Big Island of Hawaii and it’s easy lifestyle quickly becomes ingrained in the minds of locals and visitors alike. Our tropical paradise was hit hard by the Great Recession of 2008 and, in the years following this catastrophic event, the Hawaii housing sector underwent unparalleled transition.

 Hawaii Island 2017 vs. 2016 Stats

Although the roll-out of new housing developments remains relatively constrained, real estate prices reached record heights in 2014 and, while we are seeing promising signs, the actual… Read More

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Big Island Home Buyers are Shopping Online

Big Island Home Buyers are Shopping Online

Searching For Real Estate Online

More than ever before, technology is in the forefront of the home buying and selling market. It impacts every part of our lives, and consumers now expect faster and faster service, not only in service industries and real estate sales but in the sale of products as well.

If you are selling or buying property in the 48 contiguous states or searching Big Island real estate for main residences or romantic hideaways, you can browse homes, condos, or quaint refuges. You specify the desired parameters, and only properties that meet those strictures will pop up…. Read More

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Things To Start Your Life on The Big Island of Hawaii

New To The Big Island?

New to the Big Island?



Living on the Big Island makes you feel like you are in a perpetual paradise and those who call the Big Island home on average tend to live a happier and healthier lifestyle than their mainland counterparts. With its astonishing views, stunning beaches and enticing charm, it is no wonder that people consider selling their homes, quitting their strenuous jobs and grabbing their one-way ticket to the Big Island of Hawaii.

With so many things to see and do you may get overwhelmed when you first move to the island but, once… Read More

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Reasons To Live on the Big Island

reasons to live on the big island

Enjoying Life on The Big Island of Hawaii

Living on the Big Island and Enjoying Life for one and All


Living on an Island has its perks for all native residents and new arrivals. From great weather to plenty of aquatic and nautical activities, Hawaii truly offers something for everyone. Whether residing in Maui, Honolulu, Oahu or even Diamondhead – the Big Island is a haven for nature lovers and enthusiasts from across the world. In fact, Hawaii is home to a diverse and growing population – including mainlanders, native islanders, and even new arrivals, moving to the Big… Read More

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Move To The Big Island of Hawaii

Move To The Big Island

Thinking of moving to the Big Island?

There Many Reasons to Live on the Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is truly paradise on earth for both tourists and residents but, living on the Big Island of Hawaii is an experience like none other. You are literally living in paradise.

The Big Island is the largest in the chain that make up the Pacific state and, from retirees and millennials to military personnel, people from all walks of life coming to live the island life. Living on the Big Island offers scenic imagery, immaculate weather and so many… Read More

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Dining on the Big Island of Hawaii

fine dining on the big island

Dining on the Big Island 


Enjoy the Many Fine Restaurants on the Big Island


There are many choices for fine restaurants on the Big Island from native Hawaiian to international and continental cuisine all offering mouth-watering appetizers and entrees served to perfection. Enjoy native favorites like sizzling beef, and chicken and poultry platters or make it simple with a good, juicy cheeseburger – local restaurants and eateries are sure to dazzle your taste buds with culinary delights.

In fact, one of the draws of living on the Big Island is the many lavish and elegant restaurants and… Read More

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