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Five Tips for Moving to Hawaii with Pets

dog on the beach moving to Hawaii with pets

Moving to Hawaii is a dream come true for many of us two-legged mammals. At one point or another, we all dream of sitting on the beach with our toes in the sand and a tropical beverage in hand. But for those of us who would never leave our four-legged family members behind, how can you make sure your pets can legally and safely enter the state when you’re ready to make the move? It is true that bringing a pet to Hawaii can be a daunting, somewhat complex process. But here are five tips that should make it much… Read More

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Houses for Sale in Kona Hawaii


Houses for Sale in Kona Hawaii

What Hawaiians and others refer to as “the Big Island” is appropriately named Hawaii. It is the epicenter of a Hawaiian lifestyle and offers so much for tourists and residents alike. The houses for sale in Kona on Hawaii are among some of the standout homes for sale featured on the Big Island. Among these luxury homes for sale are both oceanfront and inland homes so you have the freedom to decide whether you want to live directly on the water, or just near the water. Either way, the professional realtors at Live On… Read More

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Market Watch: Big Island Real Estate Update June

landscape big island hawaii big island real estate update june

YEAR TO DATE: Compares Jan 1, 2015 thru June 30, 2015  with  Jan 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2016
big island real estate update june

Summer months seem to have people out and about and buying homes on the Big Island. It could be due to factors like decreasing mortgage rates and low property taxes, or maybe people found out about our world-class local brewery. Whatever the reason, the prices of single-family homes in some of the more popular neighborhoods on the… Read More

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The Five Best Big Island Bars for Tropical Drinks

coconut drink on beach best big island bars

The Big Island lifestyle is all about finding work-life balance. Whether you’re here on vacation trying to enjoy a respite from your everyday routine or you live here full-time and need a place to unwind, one of the best ways to relax and reboot is by enjoying a frosty drink at one of the many wonderful local establishments here on the island. With so many to restaurants and bars to choose from, you could spend a lifetime taste-testing. But we have a few suggestions that we think you will enjoy. Here is our list of the five best big island… Read More

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Kona royal and red-letter


Kona royal and red-letter – The Big Island’s historic west coast offers more than just scenery

Over the past 600+ years West Hawaii has been a focal point for many touchstone events in the history of the archipelago State.

Famous for much more than just coffee, the Kona-Kohala Coast is the birthplace of many history-making icons and celebrities alike.  Among them, Hawaii’s first astronaut, Ellison Onizuka, actress Layla Roberts (Beowulf, Armageddon), actor Micah Sherman (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, My Best Friend’s Girl), and the late pro-wrestler Brian “Crush” Adams.

Over the years it has also become the adopted home of… Read More

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Should I Move to Hawaii? Four Reasons You Should Take the Leap

two people sitting on a beach move to hawaii

Have you ever arrived at the end of a relaxing vacation on the Big Island and thought—should I move to Hawaii? When you’re sitting at the outdoor airport in Kona at 9pm and it’s still 75 degrees, it’s tough to think about going back to parkas, snow shovels, and ice-covered roads next winter. Maybe this is the year you trade in your down coat for a few pairs of Havaianas flip flops. On average, there are about seven people a day moving to the Big Island. If you wanted, you could be one of them! In fact, now might actually… Read More

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Undersea Adventures


Wonders await just under the waves off the Kona coast

Whether it’s ecotourism or just adventure-seeking, the oceans off the west coast of the Big Island offer an experience like no other on earth.

Conscientious Undersea Adventures thrill-seekers and environmentalists alike flock to the Big Island’s Kona coast to experience exotic, threatened, natural environments and observe the undersea wildlife.

“If there is one place on the planet that seems ideally suited for eco-tourism and sustainable travel, it’s Hawaii,” says Frommer’s, one of the world’s leading travel guide publications, “a place people visit because of the ecology – the ocean … and… Read More

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Vacation SOS: What to Do in Hawaii When it Rains

rain over palms trees what to do in Hawaii when it rains

So you planned, packed, flew eight or more hours, and were expecting a sunny, fun-filled beach vacation on the Big Island. And then it started raining. Don’t worry! The less-than-ideal weather conditions will pass through soon enough. In the meantime, here are a few rainy-day activities that you are sure to enjoy.

Kula Kai Caverns

If it’s raining outside, why not explore underground? Head to the south side of the Big Island and go spelunking in the Kula Kai Caverns. This thousand-year-old lava tube is the perfect place for a subterranean adventure. You’ll learn the science behind the formation of… Read More

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Luxury Homes for Sale in Kona


Live on the Big Island

So, the time has finally come. You are ready to retire! Excellent! But, with so many looming questions that need to be answered in a relatively short period of time; where you will spend your retirement is one of the biggest, and perhaps one of the easiest to answer. Why not live on the big island? With so many luxury homes for sale in Kona, both North Kona and South Kona, finding your dream home on the big island is far easier than you may think. And, Annette Mejia at LiveOnTheBigIsland.COM is here to help… Read More

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Live on the Big Island? Consider Amazing Staycations

Consider a staycation when you live on the Big Island.

When you hear of the state of Hawaii, one thing probably comes to mind above all else: the vacation potential. Every year, millions of people travel to the Big Island to experience the land, the culture and everything in between for themselves. The majority of these people are satisfied with a few great photographs and souvenirs to return home with, but have you considered the possibility of moving to live on the Big Island and seeing every sight it has to offer! This concept is called a “staycation” and choosing to create one on the Hawaiian islands could be one of the greatest choices you could ever… Read More

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