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How Virtual Reality is Helping the Real Estate Industry

Virtual reality (VR) used to be a thing of the future, but is now the latest and greatest in real...
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Understanding Realtor Fees And How They Fit Into The Overall Cost Of Selling

If you are looking at selling your home, then you will have questions or concerns at some point. The price...
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Selling Your Beautiful Home In Kilauea

Negotiation Tactics For Sellers Living In Zone One On The Big Island If you live in zone one in the...

How Living In Hawaii Can Extend Your Life and Improve Your Quality of Living

Hawaii News Now says that Americans live longer when they reside in the Aloha State. A recent study in the...
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Living on the Big Island and Enjoying all its Fine Amenities

Living on the Big Island and Enjoying Life for One and All Living on an island has its perks for...

The Pros and Cons Having an Open House

Pros and Cons of Open Houses   Did you know that there are drawbacks to holding an open house? Do...
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9 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

When you choose to sell your house, you want the process to go smoothly, and better yet quickly. Everyone seems...

The Legacy of the Merrie Monarch Festival

The “Merrie Monarch” An annual event on the Big Island of Hawaii, The Merrie Monarch Festival, is held to honor...
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You’re Moving to the Big Island, But How Do You Find the Right Home?

Moving to the Big Island and Finding the Right Home to Buy The idea of moving to the Big Island...