9 Tips to Sell Your Home in Hawaii

It seems that there is always someone in the market for a new home in Hawaii. Real estate sales volume for the 2017 is on a healthy trend over 2016 and sales for single family homes is up from the previous year so sellers are feeling good. However, those who are looking to sell their homes by the end of this year or in 2018 should not become complacent.

Buyers are being particular and when they move to Hawaii they are looking for a particular lifestyle. So you want to make sure that your home is presented in the best possible way when you finally put it on the market. 

Here are 9 things that every seller should consider doing before they put out that for sale sign to  get the best price and sell their home quickly. 

Clean up

When buying a new home the first thing that strikes you is the first impression. As a seller, you want to be sure to scrutinize the house from a buyers point of view from the entrance to the inside. How it looks when a buyer pulls up in the driveway could make or break a sale. So you want to be sure that the house is presented in it’s best light. Take time to dress up the front doors — paint the front door if needed as that can really make the front of your house pop — clean all the clutter from around the house; pressure washing is sometimes and good idea; refresh the landscaping around the house with fresh flowers, plants, and nice outdoor furniture.

Fix broken Items

This heading does not suggest you go out of your way to fix things which the new buyer will probably change. Most experts agree that big upgrades to the home before selling do not always pay off. Of course, you will want to fix the smaller items like door handles, closet doors, kitchen cabinet doors and pulls, broken light fixtures and other basic things like that. If you are going to do upgrades, the best return on your dollar is an upgrade to your bathroom or kitchen — both primary areas for a new buyer.

Pack up and move your furniture

If you are able to move out before you sell your home, this is always a big plus. Allowing a buyer to see a blank page helps them to envision their things filling the space. Fold up your drapes, move furniture, remove clutter and personal items, make sure that the house has enough lighting, replace bulbs if necessary. If you are not able to move out, consider packing up ½ of your belongings to go into a storage space. The most important thing is to declutter all spaces in the house to give the whole house a clear and neat view. 

Trim and cut off bushes and trees

One of the things home buyers consider before buying a home is how neat the environment or landscape of the home is. For this reason, it is important to keep your landscape attractive by cutting off any overgrown trees or bushes. Changing your landscape view will go a long way to increase your house value, cutting down some trees and creating a new view will be a good change while you plan to sell your home to potential buyers.

Refresh, Refresh, Refresh

If you have lived in a particular house for a long time, it could have a smell that may not be aware of.Refreshing rooms with new paint; cleaning carpets and refreshing the draperies if they will be staying in the home will help to remove any hidden odors or pet smells. If you or someone has smoked in the house, it will be important to clean the walls and woodwork as smoking leaves a residue that can both be seen and smelled. Again, painting may be your best option here.

Update the kitchen

The kitchen is a huge selling point for most buyers as people tend to spend time a lot of time in their kitchens. Make sure it is up to date with a new paint and hardware and check that all the appliances are in working order. Doing something that will make your buyer feel the kitchen is new will help to improve the value of your home and the chances of it selling quickly.

Move out

Again, if you are ready to sell your house fast, you should consider moving out of the house while it is being shown. It helps keep the house in the perfect shape when it is being shown to potential buyers.

Set your price

You will most likely be hiring a professional real estate agent to help you with these kinds of details but, at the same time, you will want to do your homework to make sure you get the best price for your home. Pricing your house for the right amount, at the right time, can be a challenge as it some of these factors will depend on the current market and what the market is in your own neighborhood. My best advice is to hire and then listen to your realtor. They are trained to help you determine a good current market price for your home. There are many factors to crunch together to ensure you get the best price and working with an agent will ensure that you have all the current numbers.

Hire a Good Realtor

Lastly, after getting your house in good shape for selling, it is time to hire a good real estate agent. A professional REALTOR will be able to help you evaluate the value of your house and ensure that the home is sold at the right price. 

There you have it! The above are some helpful tips when selling your home in Hawaii. By following all the tips mentioned above, not only will you be selling your home fast, you will also be selling the home at the right value.

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