Eco-Friendly Features that Attract Buyers in Hawaii

Energy efficientOne of the best ways to secure a successful home sale is to understand what your potential buyers are looking for, and incorporate those things into your home. In much of America, and especially in Hawaii, buyers are looking for energy efficient, eco-friendly homes that are kinder to their wallets and to the planet.

When you live in Hawaii, finding ways to make your home more affordable is key, and it's also easy to see how important caring for the earth is when you are surrounded by such breathtaking natural landscapes. 

To make your home stand out to your ideal buyers, contact us any time to learn more and consider adding some of these eco-friendly features to the home before listing it. 

Why Eco-Friendly?

According to the 2023 Realtors and Sustainability Report from the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of real estate agents have noticed an increased interest in sustainability, finding that their clients prioritize eco-friendly features over other criteria on their wish list.

Sustainability is a top priority for many buyers in Hawaii for two main reasons:

  • Sustainable homes tend to be more affordable, making better use of resources to cost less by being more efficient. Even though the Big Island offers the most affordable housing of all the Hawaiian islands, affordability is still a concern for many buyers who are looking for creative ways to make living in Hawaii cost effective.
  • It is easier to see the importance of being good caretakers for the planet when you enjoy the natural beauty of it every day. When you live on the Big Island, enjoying the hobbies that are unique to Hawaii and taking in the gorgeous landscape each day, it is easier to see the importance of using our natural resources wisely. 

How to Appeal to Buyers with Eco-Friendly Features

While a whole-house makeover with energy efficient features and eco-friendly design may not be feasible, you may be able to incorporate a few elements that will appeal to your ideal buyer. If you are already planning on updating or improving your home in some way before listing, remember to prioritize the most sustainable materials and solutions. 

Windows and Doors

Replacing windows and doors with energy efficient alternatives will vastly improve your home, lowering energy bills and minimizing heat transfer. Energy-efficient windows are designed to minimize heat transfer and improve insulation, resulting in reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Heating and Cooling

A properly maintained HVAC system will operate most efficiently, and in some cases it will be best to upgrade the system to a high-efficiency model. Energy-efficient HVAC systems incorporate high-efficiency equipment, such as furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, and ventilation fans. These systems are designed to deliver the desired heating or cooling output using less energy than standard equipment.

Water Heater

Your water heater uses a significant portion of the energy in your home, especially if it is an older and less energy efficient model. Newer models tend to have been designed with sustainability in mind. Consider upgrading to a heat pump water heater, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and appeal to environmentally conscious buyers.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to set customized schedules for heating and cooling based on your preferences and daily routine. By programming the thermostat to lower or raise the temperature when you're away or asleep, you can reduce energy consumption during those times. Certain smart thermostats have learning algorithms that analyze your temperature preferences and occupancy patterns over time. They can adapt and create optimized schedules based on your behavior, further reducing energy waste.

This is a relatively quick and inexpensive upgrade that can make a big impact for energy efficiency.


Insulation plays a crucial role in making your home more energy-efficient by reducing heat transfer between the interior and exterior environments. In Hawaii, most homeowners look to insulation to keep their homes cool, but there are also colder environments on the Big Island where insulation is key to keeping the home warm with a minimal heating expense.

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