If you love the outdoors, there is no better state to visit than Hawaii. Filled with sprawling landscapes, clear stretches of ocean, bountiful wildlife and beautiful scenery for miles, there are many ways to enjoy Hawaii from a “woodsy” perspective. A trip to Hawaii is sure to be pleasurable for anyone who enjoys hiking. There are all kinds of routes to take and things to see. If you’re hoping to live on the Big Island and enjoy a good hiking experience, this article will be of great interest to you!

Where Are the Best Hiking Spots?

Kona is home to far more than just valuable Big Island real estate. It’s another prime place to hike. In Kona, you’ll find the King’s Trail, which is filled with a host of historical sights to look for and experience for yourself!

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park houses one of Hawaii’s most spacious of hiking trails. There you’ll find approximately 150 miles to hike through and explore. Before you take off, however, it’s a good idea to consult with a ranger working at the park. They can give you trail recommendations, maps and everything else you will need to make the hike enjoyable and safe. If you’re a hiking expert, you’ll want to try out the backcountry, which promises not only a great stretch of trail to explore, but the opportunity to camp overnight! For an even more spectacular site, you can hike through the Thurston Lava Tube, also known as the Nahuku. There’s an area filled with volcanic formations, where you can witness lava streaming out toward Hawaii’s vast oceans.

How to Stay Safe on the Trail

While the chance to hike in such a gorgeous location is exciting, you don’t want to leap into it without taking a few precautions! Whether this is your first hike or your thousandth, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind as you set out on the trail.

If you’re planning an extensive hiking trip, you’ll need:

  1. A map
  2. A pair of work gloves for everyone coming on your hike
  3. A compass
  4. A sweater
  5. A flashlight
  6. First aid kit

For even basic hikes, be sure to bring:

  1. A cell phone, in case of emergencies or to keep in touch with your hiking partner(s)
  2. Hiking shoes. Make sure they have plenty of tread!
  3. Bug spray
  4. Light clothing, raincoat included. All of this is to help keep you from getting too warm. Hikes are hard work!
  5. Backpacks filled with sunblock, a nutritious, energizing lunch and water

With this information in mind, we hope you’ll set off to enjoy a great hike on the Big Island. Why not take this opportunity to check out homes for sale on the Big Island while you’re doing all this exploring? We can get you started! Get in touch with us to learn more!

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