A trip to the Big Island is the perfect family vacation and one that your kids will cherish for years to come. While relaxing on the beach may be first on your to-do list, parents should be sure to plan a few activities that are kid-centric and fun for the entire family. Here is a list of our favorite family activities on the Big Island.

  1. Go on an Underwater Adventure

Just below the surface of the Pacific, an entire ecosystem is just waiting to be explored. While you probably plan to take your kids snorkeling during your trip, the Atlantis Kona Submarine Adventure offers an experience that simply cannot be matched with snorkeling alone. Your family will love watching schools of fish swim right up to the window, passing turtles as they swim by colorful reefs, and exploring shipwrecks in the deep ocean waters.

  1. Take a Surfing Lesson with the Kona Boys

Book a family lesson and teach your kids Hawaii’s favorite pastime—surfing. While it can be a tough sport to learn, with the proper instruction your kids will be catching their first waves in just a few hours, and it’s an experience they’ll love to brag about when they get home. The Kona Boys offer private and group lessons and are highly recommended as some of the best instructors on the island. Take a lesson with your kids or leave them in the capable hands of the Kona Boys while you rent one of their kayaks and go on an adventure of your own.

  1. Zipline Through the Jungle Canopy

Kohala Zipline Tours offer some once in a lifetime experiences like their Canopy Zipline Tour, Zip and Dip, and off-road driving in the Hawaiian jungle. Kids will love exploring a landscape that is unique to the Big Island and learning about our ecosystem not by reading about it, but by flying through it at 45 miles per hour. Rent one of their Gopros and capture a memory you can share with the relatives or keep at home to relive the fun over and over.

  1. Watch a Volcano Eruption

A trip to the Big Island isn’t complete without a trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We suggest packing a picnic-style dinner and heading into the park just before sunset when you’re sure to get the most spectacular views of the lava flows.

  1. Go Spelunking in the Kula Kai Caverns

Just outside Kona, a subterranean adventure awaits in one of the youngest places on earth. The Kula Kai Caverns are only a few thousand years old and your kids will have a blast exploring the labyrinth of caverns hiding just under the earth’s surface. Tours are by reservation only so be sure to book in advance.

We hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful trip to our Island. It truly is a wonderful place for kids to explore, adventure, and have fun. If you’re like us, you might just decide that Hawaii is the perfect place to call your forever home. We’d love to help you find your own slice of island paradise. If you want to visit some real estate during your trip, call us at (808) 217-8500 or contact us here.

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