In the last 16 years, over 94,000 people have moved to the Big Island. Hawaii is now home to a population that is comprised of 20% people aged 20-34, and that number is ever-increasing as millennials continue to move off the mainland in search of greener pastures. Why is this generation flocking to our beautiful island? It’s more than just the black sand beaches, year-round summer temperatures, and eclectic tropical bars. Here are four reasons millennial families are moving to the Big Island more than ever before:

Millennials Find a Better Quality of Life on the Big Island

Many millennials who watched their parents work 80-hour weeks and spend maybe one week per year on vacation are simply refusing to join in the rat race. Work-life balance and work-life integration are hugely important to this generation and Hawaii offers a daily quality of life that is hard to match back on the mainland. In fact, Hawaii was recently rated the happiest and healthiest state in the U.S. Whether they’re spending weekends hiking in the beautiful national parks or waking up early to catch a few waves before work, millennials have found access to an active, healthy lifestyle here on the island.

Living on the Big Island is Affordable

Now, you’ll hear that cost of living on Hawaii is  high because most products have to be imported. But millennials have found a way to cut costs. Instead of eating at the fanciest restaurants on the beach, they’re opting to try local cuisine from the neighborhood food trucks. Instead of buying packaged meat and produce from the grocery chains, they’re heading down to the year-round farmer’s market and picking from the abundance of organic, locally-sourced items for half the cost.

There Are Tons of Entry-Level Jobs

Even if you’re not interested in becoming the CEO of the next big technology company, you’ll still need something to pay the bills. Luckily, there are a lot of entry-level jobs on the Big Island that are perfect for millennials who are just getting started in their careers. Hawaii is literally begging recent graduates to come teach their children and there are also a lot of entry-level jobs in the healthcare sector. Go ahead, see what’s out there.

Housing Bargains Abound

While you’ll certainly see high housing prices in some areas of the Big Island, there are still bargains to be found. It’s all about location. Some neighborhoods just outside the metropolitan areas are much cheaper and there are still many hidden gems coming up for sale every day. The good news is, no matter where you buy, you’ll never have a bad view. We’re very familiar with the real estate market and housing on the Big Island and would love to show you around or just answer any questions as you begin your search! Send us an email and we’ll be happy to provide you with our insights and advice.

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