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Beachfront properties on the Big Island continue to soar in popularity.  In fact, these lavish abodes feature a range of elegant amenities for investors. This includes Wi-Fi access, built-in LED TVs, entertainment centers and spacious rooms and closets. The Big Island offers beachfront living that is perfect for those that love aquatic and nautical activities. In fact, most homes are literally seconds from the water – where you can enjoy boating, fishing, sailing and picturesque backdrops and scenic imagery.  The beachfront area on the Big Island is considered prime real estate. With this in mind, these townhomes and beach homes are highly priced – but situated within safe, tranquil and serene environments.

The Big Island Waterfront Properties

There are several shoreline properties up for sale on the Big Island. This includes exquisite condos that overlook the beautiful beaches. Many of these units have extended decks, along with huge windows for natural light. Luxury condos are in close proximity to travel hubs, fine dining establishments and entertainment centers. They are also not far from the lively and energetic downtown area, which is a haven for art – music – and social clubs. With prices starting around $200k, these properties are being swept up fast. In fact, local real-estate agents are blanketed with countless offers from local and international investors alike. In addition to waterfront condos, there are huge apartment complexes and plenty of beachfront homes on the shore and further inland. These properties go as high as a million dollars – so it’s best to connect with local real-estate agents to understand your best options.

The Magic of the Big Island

The Big Island has many areas that attract boats and vessels from all over the region and features walking paths, biking trails, jogging and both private and public parks. From swimming and Jet skiing to charter fishing and nautical activities -the Big Island is home to several properties and local sub-divisions. These beachfront units offer the perfect blend of traditional home living with big city condo and penthouse-style amenities. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a waterfront home on the Big Island:

  • Beautifully designed shoreline condos and homes with all the latest amenities.
  • Partially or fully-furnished homes and apartments for your convenience.
  • Close proximity to area stores, shopping, dining, entertainment, schools and all points of interest.
  • Wi-FI, entertainment centers, hardwood floors, smart appliances, environmentally-friendly and green options.
  • Spacious rooms, lavish exteriors, elegant interiors, cozy fireplaces, and ample storage room.
  • Gated communities, security personnel onsite, fitness centers, business meeting rooms, entertainment centers, swimming pools, sauna, Jacuzzi and much more.

Living on the Waterfront

There is nothing like living on the waterfront in Hawaii and especially on the Big Island. In fact, there is so much to do and see year round. From local museums and art expositions to music festivals, the Big Island  is the perfect place to live, work and raise a family. If you are interested in waterfront properties on the Big Island, simply contact your local real estate agent today to schedule a tour of available homes and/or condo units.

Find a Waterfront Real Estate Agent

Not every REALTOR® is going to know about the pluses and minuses of buying a beachfront property. So do your research to determine how experienced and professional they are from their working records. An agent experienced in waterfront properties will be able to help you by asking the right questions and negotiating the little-hidden pitfalls that can be associated with buying a waterfront home.

Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a beachfront property is going to be a little more expensive than a landlocked property depending on its close proximity to the water, size, and design. There are other factors that you should consider pertaining to how much you want to invest in your home and how much you would want to make in returns, for example; if you want to rent your property out. You don’t want to be in a situation where the cost of maintenance is going to be higher than what you can get from renting it out.

Check Water Rising Levels

It’s imperative to ascertain the water rising levels of the beachfront property you intend to purchase. How often does the water level rise? What are the tide levels? How many storms have hit the area? Is there a levee system or a dam to control any flooding that might occur?

Inspect the Property With A Professional

Before signing those paper on that beachfront property, be sure to ask the right questions. Has there been any water intruding into any part of the house? Is the house damaged or corroded by the salt air or from the water levels coming up? A water-based inspection service should also be able to help you check on the probability of having mold issues from the high moisture content in the air.

Beachfront Property Insurance

Living on a beachfront property can be an exhilarating experience. For those who love living on the water, nothing can compare with the views, the smells, and the calmness that living on the water can offer.

However, living on a beachfront can also have some hidden expenses with insurance being one. Flood insurance can be very expensive and can be subjected to flooding, earthquakes and hurricane damage. So, when you are considering purchasing a waterfront property it is important to make sure that insurance is available and then what the costs of your premium will be before you sign on the dotted line of the contract paper.

Beachfront Property Rentals

A time may come when you would want to rent out your beachfront home. Chances are that other beachfront property owners around you are doing the same thing. If it’s something you might consider it’s a good idea to do your homework upfront by doing a thorough research on the areas rental prices to determine how much other homes like yours are going for and if the rental price will cover your mortgage and your maintenance costs.

Securing a beachfront property can be complicated but the intricacies associated with your purchase can be made much easier with the right agent. So, go get that property of yours and start living your dream life on a beach. The right REALTOR® can help you find the perfect rental.

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