The Big Island of Hawaii may be paradise to all who reside here, the trouble is that with so many interested in buying a home, you might not get the full price you were hoping when you sell. Working with a local real estate agents will not only ensure you get the most qualified traffic through the doors, you can rely on their experience to help make your potential buyers emotionally connect with your property.

Here are a few tips from the top realtors on the Big Island of Hawaii for staging your home to sell for maximum price:

Increasing the Curb Appeal of the House

With an abundance of homes on the market in Hawaii, it is important to stage the exterior of the house before considering doing anything inside. There are going to be numerous potential buyers who will be on the hunt this weekend for homes, and most drive around without a real estate agent to help narrow down their search. If they drive up to your home and feel the outside is less than appealing, you never make it on the list of homes they want to see the inside. Your real estate agent has connections with several handymen and crews that can transform the exterior of the property.

Landscaping crews will trim trees, plant flowers, and transform the lawn. Power washing professionals will scrub clean the house exterior, shutters, gutters, driveway, sidewalks, and the fence. Handymen will make any outdoor repairs so the next couple to drive up get emotionally connected to your property at first glance.

Maximizing the Size of the House Interior

While the professionals are transforming the look of the exterior of your home, now the real work begins with selling your home. No matter what you do to make the inside look more appealing, clutter will turn off just about every potential buyer. The people walking through your house would like to imagine all their belongings will easily fit in your home, and clutter everywhere is giving them reason to pause. Look at it this way, you will be packing eventually, so why not get all those non-essentials in boxes and off to a storage unit today?

Your real estate agent will help you rent a storage unit, then help you to decide which items need to go. Visible clutter in the garage, attics, or sheds, all can be boxed and moved to storage. Anything in closets you won’t be using for six months, now is the time to box them up and move them out. Label the boxes clearly in case you discover you need something after it is in storage. Getting everything but the basics off the kitchen counters, drawers, and cabinets, will give the room the appearance it is much larger.

Copy the Techniques of the Model House

Ask your Big Island of Hawaii realtor to take you to a new development so you can have a look inside the model house. These model homes are carefully furnished with neutral decor so that those interested in buying a home get emotionally invested right at the start. Furniture, paintings, and paint color, all coordinated towards one goal, getting the buyer to fall in love so they have no choice out to put in an offer. This is exactly what you need to do inside your home. Walk in your front door like a potential buyer, and look around to see if the interior has universal appeal. Chances are the walls are full of family portraits, the refrigerator covered with personal effects, and the decor specific to your taste.

Now is the time to neutralize the house, by boxing up anything with connections to your family in an effort to give the buyers the chance to connect when they walk in. When the paint color is neutral, the images on the walls inviting, and the decor representative of the Hawaiian culture, you can nab a lot more potential buyers who imagine this is the home of their dreams.

Proving You Have Nothing to Hide

Your realtor can tell you endless stories about how buyers were turned off because the inside of the house was not inviting. Closets were dark, rooms were off-limits during appointments, and some families sat impatiently on the couch waiting for the buyers to leave. Show these potential buyers that you have nothing to hide and they will be more inclined to make you an offer, or better yet, fall in love with your home and try to shut out other buyers.

Each time someone asks to see the house, open all the closet doors and turn the lights on in every room. Open the curtains, get as much light in the house as possible, and pack up the family and leave the potential buyers and their realtor free reign of your house.

Appealing to All Five Senses

Remember how the inside of that model house looked? That was a systematic approach by the builder to appeal to as many senses as possible. It was visually appealing, there was soft music playing to get you in the mood, the builder may have had food laid out, and you could touch everything. See how they were working on your senses without you realizing? This is exactly what you need to be doing when selling your home to hook these buyers while they are inside your residence.

Start with fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table, have some soft music playing in the background, make sure the interior is spotless before a showing, and leave out some coffee and cookies for guests. During the open house, allow your realtor to bake cookies. This connection to all the buyer’s senses will help them remember your residence long after they leave.

Local real estate agents will utilize years of experience to help you to present your home in the best possible light. With an abundance of buyers on the Big Island of Hawaii, you want to maximize efforts now so you walk away at closing with the absolute top dollar.

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