Are you preparing to sell your home on the Big Island? Does your yard look a little dull? Do you want to spruce up your front porch to make it more appealing? Do you want a space where you can entertain, relax, or enjoy the outdoors? Adding a new coat of paint, a few pots of plants or an elegant arbor to your front yard will help you get the design you want, and it may boost the value of your home a bit. Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come, or you are going to sell it as soon as you finish cleaning things up, the experts have a few tips that will help you make sure that the outside of your home is just as charming as the inside.

First Things First

You will want to begin your yard transformation with a good cleaning. You can employ the neighbor boys, hire a professional landscaper, or do the work yourself. The main thing is to remove dead, overgrown, and unappealing plant life from your property. Clear out old flower beds, dig a new garden, clear out space along the walks, and make sure your fence is free of weeds. A good power wash for the house and garage is next.

Repair Any Damage and Preform Maintenance Tasks

Take an inventory of things that are in disrepair. Make arrangements for bulk trash pickup, remove lawn clippings, and scrape any loose or cracking paint. Colors can make a huge impact on your homes presentation.  House Logic says that you can always color match the paint to save some money by having the local hardware store make the paint you already have on your home or porch. You will want to replace any broken windows and fix the roof at this point as well. Repair safety and maintenance issues first, then you can see what you have left in the budget for upgrades.

Pretend You Are Purchasing Your Property 

Try to step outside of your perspective and slip into the shoes of someone that would potentially buy your property. Look at it as if you were inspecting it to buy it. Keep a notepad to jot down things that need repairing. Make sure to give your roof a good looking over too. HGTV says to get in your car and drive past the house from both ways to spot trouble areas. You should also repeat this step at night when it is dark to see where you need more lighting.

Create a Focal Point

Giving the eye somewhere to land is an excellent way to draw people into the home whether it is for a holiday party or an open house. You can spend as much or as little as you wish in this area depending on the impact you wish to create. Some ideas include:

  • New mailbox

  • Fresh coat of paint on the front door and trim

  • New path

  • An Arbor

  • A pergola over the porch

  • New furniture for the lawn

  • A pair of potted plants on each side of the door

  • A shiny, brass knocker

  • Large, bold numbers for the address

  • Energy-efficient windows

  • A front deck or seating area

  • New flowerbeds

  • An herb garden

 Make Sure The Property Is Safe and Secure 

A fence is a marvelous way to beautify the home and add security at the same time. There are dozens of styles, colors, shapes, and materials to browse through on the web and in home improvement stores. If you are looking for something safe and secure, a six or eight-foot fence is a good choice, but when you are looking to sell, a high fence can deter some home buyers. A good idea is to pick a fence that fits into the style of the home.

Make It Safe

To create a superb home design, you want the house to look good both day and night. You also want people to see that your home is secure. Using motion detecting lights on your garage and the porch is a great way to protect your property. It will also make it much easier to get the key in the door if you forget to turn on the porch light. You can line your walk with solar lights that come on automatically when the sun goes down. Placing these little lanterns in your planters is an excellent way to brighten your deck or porch too.

Hide The Necessary Lawn Equipment

Better Homes and Gardens says that you can make your front yard look incredible no matter the season by cleverly concealing fountain pumps, garden tools, and barbecue tools. You will want to find a convenient hiding place for all your lawn equipment. No one wants to knock over your shovel or garden rake when he or she knocks on the door. Plus, leaving tools out is a great way to invite thieves onto your porch.

For Those Selling a Property 

Real estate agents say that you want to make sure your home is clearly visible from the road before the open house. Using bright lights ensures that your home is easy to find and secure. Fixing the driveway and garage is a crucial part of the maintenance. Bright pops of color make the house appealing and welcoming. Symmetric designs are often the most appealing way to make your yard look stellar.

Boosting the value of your Hawaii home is easy when you take the time to make an inventory of repairs. Choosing a few stylish upgrades and making some common sense additions gives you a fantastic yard that will have all the neighbors wanting to stop over. Make your home stellar with low-maintenance plants that cut down your yard chores.

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