Hawaii News Now says that Americans live longer when they reside in the Aloha State. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that Hawaiians live the longest of any resident in the U.S. at an average of 81 years old in a 2016 study.

Many factors could be helping locals remain healthy and live fulfilling existences. The spirit of the island affects people in different ways, but being happy and having fewer depression symptoms are ways that beach life is beneficial. Living in a culture where companionship, friendliness, and outdoor recreation is part of daily life also boosts the mood of residents. Eating fresh fruits like pineapples, mangoes, and kiwis add to longevity.

Slower lifestyle and less stress are two of the most significant things that Hawaiians say contributes to residents health.

Being in a laid-back environment has its advantages says the Huffington Post. Apparently, the stress rate is less than 35 percent in Hawaii. People take time to converse with each other when they meet up. There is no such thing as “too busy” because taking time to communicate often relieves stress and helps both parties relax.

The ability to sit by the ocean after a long day is an excellent opportunity for family and friends to gather and celebrate another day. In Hawaii, there is no rat race. Life is about enjoying the beautiful scenery, soaking up the sun, and rocking with the ebb and flow of the island.

Strong Community Ties

People in the Polynesian community come together in times of sorrow, joy, despair, loss, happiness, and holidays. Every day is a chance to have a luau or throw some shrimp on the grill. When people need a helping hand, the natives help each other through rough times. Having others to lean on when things get tough often diminishes the chance that someone feels left out, forgotten, or alone.

The Hawaiian Islands has a spirit of togetherness that connects each person and makes them feel like they belong to a strong family. Disasters with hurricanes and the bombing of Pearl Harbor are two reasons why people in Hawaii hold on to each other for dear life. While the community is relaxed, there are many that live to the fullest each day since no one knows if tomorrow will arrive.

Seeing the doctor regularly

You may not know this, but Hawaii has rules and regulations that state that an employer must offer medical for part-time and full-time employees that work more than 20 hours each week. With more people having access to medical care, locals can get an exam when things first start being a problem instead of waiting until they have the resources or need a trip to the emergency room.

Preventative medical care is extremely important to living a long life because the doctor can find problems like cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure faster with routine check-ups. Getting into a health care professional when medical issues start can often save a life because doctors can treat the problem before it can become life-threatening.

A Positive Outlook Helps Add Years To Your Life

Living longer means getting the right amount of sleep at night. The Huffington Post writes that people in Hawaii often report fewer problems sleeping. Many doctors and wellness experts suggest that a happier lifestyle means that you sleep better.

With all the sun in Hawaii, how can you be in a foul mood? Your good spirits make it easier to fall out at night. Thinking about the bright side of things is much easier when you live in an area like Hawaii because you have so many beautiful places to visit. The Mayo Clinic says that staying positive helps you live longer, decrease stress, and reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Some studies show that healthy and happy people have less stress and tend to workout more often. The extra exercise adds to life expectancy too.

Outdoor Living Has Many Benefits

Since someone is always throwing a beach party or barbecue, Hawaiians live outside much of the time. Socializing is a vital part of staying healthy according to Harvard research studies dating all the way back to the 1970’s. More of the study volunteers that had few social contacts died in the nine-year study than ones who were social butterflies. Outdoor living gives individuals more opportunity to exercise and meet others.

These little interactions must add up to a huge benefit for Hawaiians to land on top of the longest living state list. Walking along the beach, grabbing a few drinks on the sand, or heading out to surf increases cardio little bits at a time. All the tiny numbers add up at the end of the day. Being in the sun helps the body absorb calcium with all the Vitamin D you soak up. There are tons of reasons why the Aloha State has the happiest and longest-living residents.

Could living longer really be as simple as adding a couple more picnics, walks outside, and friends to our lives? Is negativity causing us to shave time off of the end of our life? Perhaps we should consider moving to a community like one in Hawaii where we will belong, slow down, and get more out of life. Maybe looking on the bright side of things and reaching out for help when we have problems can help us all alleviate some stress and live a longer life.

We can all use more sleep, and we know that a good night’s rest helps people stay healthy and live longer. A routine of turning off the devices and getting away from blue light at least an hour before bed could be a good way to start a healthy sleeping routine that can prolong your life no matter where you live in America.

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