The Big Island certainly has a look and ambiance that is all it’s own. The colorful flowers, towering palms, and intricately laced jungle leaves have inspired interior designers to incorporate Pacific Polynesia into the decor of beach properties not only in Hawaii, but up and down the California coast and in tropical areas all over the world. Here on the Big Island, the best homes seamlessly integrate the natural environment with interior design concepts. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to style your place or simply want to see some truly incredible design work, here are a few of our favorite houses on the market today that feature epic island style interior design.

78-7021 Kewalo St
Bayview Estates / Kailua Kona / 96740

This Bayview Estates home’s Tigerwood hardwood flooring brings the textures of the Hawaiian jungle right into the living room. Much of the furniture, the ceiling fans, and decorative accents feature typical Hawaiian grass weaving. The assortment of potted plants, Koa wood vases, and decorative, floral-print accent pillows allow residents to feel as if they are relaxing in the backyard while in the comfort of their own home. We love how the row of plants above the ocean-facing wall bring depth to the room. For more images, click here.

71-1626 Puu Napoo Dr
Puu Lani Ranch / Kailua-kona / 96740

Floor to ceiling Koa wood makes this home’s interior fit for a Hawaiian king. The panels in the ceiling add dimension and intrigue to the rooms while maintaining the clean, unobstructed lines that make for a relaxing living space. In this Hawaiian home, less is more. The simple, expertly chosen design elements create an uncluttered, soft atmosphere that we love while maintaining the natural elements of island style. Residents will love relaxing in the Picasso bathtub. It’s almost like bathing in a seashell. For more images, click here.

Villages At Mauna Lani #726
Mauna Lani Resort / Kamuela / 96743

This exquisitely furnished home was decorated with comfort and functionality in mind. From the plush, overstuffed couch and reading chair in the living room to the large, gorgeous wood bed frame in the master bedroom, this home was designed for those who want to relax in style. Beautiful paintings featuring scenes of ocean vistas and Hawaiian flowers bring a decided elegance to the space. Other Island-themed objet d’art offer interesting visual elements in a way that is classy, not kitschy. We love the attention to detail put into this space. View more photos here.

Kailua Kona
The Onion House

The Onion House has been featured in the Architectural digest, HGTV, the New York Times, and more for it’s astounding design features and visual aesthetic. The home itself helped pioneer a movement known as Organic Architecture and the interior decor of the home perfectly compliments the architect’s vision to reflect the Hawaiian landscape in a liveable, functional space. Stain glass windows bathe the home in natural light of varying, vibrant hues. Lava rock walls and Koa wood floors bring natural elements into the living area. The furnishing are simple, yet eclectic and are in perfect keeping with the tone of The Onion House. View more photos here.  

We hope you love the island style interior design featured in these properties as much as we do. If you’re interested in learning more about these unique homes, don’t hesitate to contact us. How would you decorate your ideal Hawaiian home? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment below.

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