Investing in a Vacation Rental on the Big Island: Condo or House?

Condo or house After you decide to invest in a vacation rental property on the Big Island, you will need to narrow your search to the right location and property type for you. There are plenty of benefits to buying either a house or a condo on the Big Island for your vacation rental property plans, so we have outlined some of the pros and cons to both. 

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Investing in a vacation rental property on the Big Island of Hawaii offers an enticing opportunity to capitalize on the island's stunning landscapes, cultural richness, and year-round appeal to travelers.

Pros and Cons of Investing in a House on the Big Island

There are many gorgeous homes throughout the Big Island, found in just about every part of the island to provide diverse vacation rental investment opportunities. If you're considering buying a single family home on the Big Island, here are some of the pros and cons to keep in mind. 


Privacy and Space

Houses typically offer more privacy and space compared to condos, making them ideal for families or larger groups seeking a secluded retreat. With separate bedrooms, living areas, and outdoor amenities, houses provide guests with a sense of home away from home.

Customization and Uniquely Marketable Features

Owning a house allows for greater flexibility in customization and design. From private pools and gardens to panoramic views and architectural charm, houses offer unique features that can enhance the guest experience and command premium rental rates.

Potential for Higher Income

Larger properties with multiple bedrooms and luxurious amenities have the potential to generate higher rental income, particularly during peak seasons or for special events. Additionally, houses can accommodate larger groups, enabling owners to charge higher nightly rates and maximize occupancy.


Maintenance Costs

Houses typically require more extensive maintenance and upkeep compared to condos, especially for landscaping, exterior repairs, and utility expenses. Owners may incur higher ongoing expenses for property management, cleaning services, and repairs, impacting overall profitability.

Limited Amenities

Unlike condos, which often offer shared amenities such as pools, gyms, and recreational areas, houses may have fewer on-site facilities. This could potentially deter guests seeking a resort experience and the amenities offered by a luxury condo. 


Houses may be located in more remote or secluded areas, limiting accessibility to popular tourist attractions, beaches, and dining options. While some guests may appreciate the tranquility of a secluded location, others may prefer the convenience of being closer to amenities and activities. Unless you have a competitive budget, you will likely not be able to invest in a house in the most desirable or beachfront locations. 

Pros and Cons of Investing in a Condo on the Big Island

There are also many reasons to consider investing in a condo instead of a house on the Big Island. Here are some factors to keep in mind. 


Low Maintenance

Condos typically have lower maintenance costs compared to houses, as exterior maintenance, landscaping, and common area upkeep are often managed by the homeowners' association (HOA) fees. This can result in reduced ongoing expenses for you, as well as greater ease of management.


Many condos offer a range of amenities and facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, and barbecue areas. These shared amenities enhance the guest experience and can attract renters seeking resort-style accommodations and recreational opportunities. 


Big Island condos are often located in desirable and convenient locations, such as beachfront resorts, downtown areas, or gated communities. Proximity to beaches, shopping, dining, and tourist attractions can increase demand and rental rates, maximizing occupancy and rental income. There are also likely to be guests searching for a rental in your condo community by name if they've stayed there before or had a personal recommendation. 


Limited Privacy

Generally speaking, condos offer less privacy and space compared to houses, with shared walls, common areas, and proximity to neighbors. Some guests may prefer the privacy of a standalone house and may be deterred by the close quarters and potential noise from neighboring units.


While there can certainly be HOAs involved with houses, you can count on it when buying a condo. As a condo owner, you will be subject to HOA fees and regulations, which can vary significantly depending on the property and amenities offered. These fees can impact overall profitability and may include restrictions on rental activity, property modifications, and use of common areas.

Lack of Customization

Condos often lack the unique features and customization options available in houses. Units may have standardized layouts, furnishings, and décor, limiting the ability to differentiate the property and command premium rental rates. Depending on the ideal guest you are hoping to attract, this may not be the right strategy for you. 

Ultimately, your decision should align with the target market, rental demand, and your investment strategy. Ready to begin the search for your vacation rental property for sale on the Big Island? Contact us any time. 

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