When you hear of the state of Hawaii, one thing probably comes to mind above all else: the vacation potential. Every year, millions of people travel to the Big Island to experience the land, the culture and everything in between for themselves. The majority of these people are satisfied with a few great photographs and souvenirs to return home with, but have you considered the possibility of moving to live on the Big Island and seeing every sight it has to offer! This concept is called a “staycation” and choosing to create one on the Hawaiian islands could be one of the greatest choices you could ever make! Here’s why.

Pay a Visit to ‘Akaka Falls!

Spanning 420 feet and flanked by beautiful stretches of rainforest cluttered with philodendron plants and the scent of naturally grown ginger, the ‘Akaka Falls are truly a sight to behold and unlike anything you could find anywhere else on the Big Island! All it takes to get there is a simple drive, followed by an extremely short hike. There’s even an additional small rabbit hole of a town worth visiting close to the Falls, known as Honomu. You’ll find a vast array of things to do there outside of admiring the gorgeous cascade of the ‘Akaka Falls. We recommend visiting during the rainiest time of year because this amplifies the power of the Falls and truly becomes a sight worth treasuring.

Attend a Star Party at Mauna Kea

As you browse through homes for sale on the Big Island, you’ll likely hear at least once of the dormant and revered volcano known as Mauna Kea. While the idea of getting close to any volcano may sound terrifying, you may want to risk the trek, especially if you’re an astronomer! The sky is abundantly bright and clear at night above Mauna Kea, allowing the perfect glimpse of millions upon millions of glittering stars blanketing the heavens. The best times to go would be at sunset or sunrise. Be sure to take a telescope with you!

Take a Dive With a School of Manta Rays

This is nothing like your average skinny dip in your backyard pool. If you’re fond of snorkeling and especially affectionate toward aquatic life, you’ll be more than interested in seeing these elegant creatures weave throughout the water and trying to match their movements by gliding alongside them. You can easily invite a flock of manta rays to come swimming by your side with the help of a diving light, which will catch their attention and lure them to you. Just be sure to anticipate a crowd! This has become quite the noteworthy activity among Hawaiian travelers and snorkeling enthusiasts alike.

We hope this list will inspire you to explore Hawaii to its fullest! Contact a Big Island real estate agent to learn more about all the amazing things and places to experience and properties to buy!

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