Living on the Big Island and Enjoying Life for One and All

Living on an island has its perks for all native residents and new arrivals. From great weather to plenty of aquatic and nautical activities, Hawaii truly offers something for everyone. Whether residing in Maui, Honolulu, Oahu or even Diamondhead – the Big Island is a haven for nature lovers and enthusiasts from across the world. In fact, Hawaii is home to a diverse and growing population – including mainlanders, native islanders, and even new arrivals from Asia and around the globe. Getting around the island chains state is easy via buses, taxis, private cars and even the newest Uber services. Whether for work, play or permanent moves – shipping a car or traveling back to the states is also easy with the many transportation services the Big Island offers.

The Economy of Hawaii

The Big Island is home to a wide array of industries and businesses. This includes the tourism sector, which is blanketed by countless charter fishing and guided tour companies. These professional specialize in taking tourists for extensive sightseeing tours of landmarks and points of interest. There are also local villages that grow fresh fruits and vegetables, along with farmer’s markets that sell organic products to residents and locals alike. The fishing industry is also huge across Hawaii – with commercial fisherman, lobster trappers and import – export – trade businesses. Here are some more industries that have made Hawaii home for years now:

•    Restaurants and hospitality – Hawaii is home to a full range of 5-star restaurants, outdoor eateries and lavish hotels. There are plenty of resorts, motels, and world-class lodging venues as well. This includes The Hyatt, Marriott, Wyndham, Red Roof, and so much more.
•    Retail and wholesale – Hawaii is home to all the major retail chains and stores that are on the mainland. This includes Wal-mart, along with Best Buy, Bed – Bath – and Beyond, and several wholesale and outlet venues.
•    Technology and ISO – Hawaii is always on the pulse of new and burgeoning technologies. From SEO and digital marketing to social media and cloud – you will find a wide array of top-rated marketing agencies and companies on the island.
•    Healthcare and Medicine -Hawaii is always in demand for industry leading doctors, physicians, nurses and medical services. In fact, the Big Island has seen as 33% increase in healthcare providers since January 2017. The island-state is a great place to open a medical practice as well -due to comfortable weather year round and easy access to all major cities, towns and villages.

Traveling to and From Hawaii

Traveling back to the states (mainland) is something very common for investors. In fact, many business owners in Hawaii actually live in the lower 48. With this in mind, there are daily flights to and from Hawaii to the mainland. Depending on where you reside or visit, here are some of the well-known airports across Hawaii:

•    Kona International Airport
•    Kahului Airport
•    Hilo International Airport
•    Daniel K. Inouye Airport – Honolulu
•    Molokai Airport
•    Hana Airport
•    Lanai Airport
•    Kapalua Airport
•    Upolu Airport
•    Kalaupapa Airport

If planning to ship a car, you can simply contact these airports to inquire about services. Most airline carriers feature mobile service charters, which specialize in shipping automobiles, trucks, SUVS, motorcycles and much more. Similarly, there are on-island shipping companies that will transport your vehicles from city to city. For example: if planning to work, reside or even visit Honolulu – you can easily arrange of car or even boat shipping. The latter is also a huge business on the Big Island – with many boat – vessel – and yacht shipping companies available.

These companies are registered with several port-of-calls across Hawaii. This includes all marinas, along with shipping docks from Honolulu, Mau, Oahu and much more. Many boat transportation companies even offer car shipping services to and from the mainland. However, it is important to check their daily – weekly – monthly schedules, as well as shipping costs, insurance, and much more.

Things to Do and See in Hawaii

There are plenty of things to do and see for the entire family in Hawaii. From jet skiing and snorkeling to deep-sea diving, the Big Island is home to the best nautical and aquatic activities for one and all. Hawaii also features several historic landmarks, along with endless miles of sandy beaches and crystal-blue waters. From its scenic imagery to picturesque backdrops, here are some must-see destinations while visiting or living on the Big Island:

Volcanoes National Park

This is one of the most visited parks on the Big Island. In fact, there are daily –weekly tours of Kilauea Volcano available. This Park is a must for all visitors and tourists to the island. Can you imagine the wonders of actually seeing an active volcano? There is plenty to do and see at the Volcano Village as well. This includes souvenir shopping, dining, and simply taking in the all the sights and sounds. Transportation to the Park is available by public bus, charter bus, and local taxis and shuttles.
The Volcano Village truly features Mother Nature at her finest. With nature trails and camping grounds, you and yours are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime. From local jamborees and food festivals to the best in Hawaiian music and live entertainment, the Volcanoes National Park truly captures the magic and wonderment of Hawaii for one and all!

Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is synonymous with beautiful white-capped mountains. In fact, this too is one of the most visited places on the Big Island. From tourists to locals, Mauna Kea offers a spiritual experience like no other.  It is also the place to be – to experience the polar tundra in Hawaii. As home to 11 of the world’s 13 climates, you can literally enjoy warm and soothing sea breezes in the daytime – while sipping hot Hawaiian coffee at night due to the cold and frigid temperatures.

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