Negotiation Tactics For Sellers Living In Zone One On The Big Island

If you live in zone one in the Kilauea volcano range, then you know that you have a difficult task ahead of you when moving. Selling your property is not going to be a fast or easy process, especially with the newest eruption and increasing lava flows. There are some things that you can do to prepare for negotiating the sale and helping your home appeal to buyers. We talk about a few of these tips and how you can boost the chances of a quick deal in this article.

Think About Taking The First Offer

While this is not the typical advice you hear when selling a home, it does make the most sense with the recent volcanic eruptions. You may not feel that the price is right or the seller is the best choice for the home, but how many offers will you get as the ash continues to spew? Having interest in your home in lava zone one means that the potential buyer knows there are risks and they still love the appeal it has or some other feature they want. Use this information to help you negotiate a good price for both parties. Play up the character of the home, the access you have to local amenities, and anything that is a bonus to ensure top dollar.

Disconnect From The Home

Keeping an emotional connection to your property is common, but there are a few things that you can do to make the process a little easier on the entire family. Removing yourself from the equation makes it much easier to get the right price. You can prevent the possibility of asking too much for the home or not taking a reasonable offer because you have emotional attachments to the house. Painting, staging, adding a feature wall, and installing upgrades will make the place feel less like your home too.

Fill A Time Capsule And Bury It

Your children will love to participate in this fun method of letting go. Help your family move on from leaving the property can make the transition smoother. This idea lets everyone leave a little piece of themselves behind for future generations to unearth and discover. Mark your claim on the property well after the transition by filling the time capsule with news clippings and favorite items from your time in the home.

  • Have a goodbye party
  • Remove all personal effects
  • Add a new feature
  • Move to a temporary residence while selling
  • Allow the entire family to participate in cleanup and sale prep like painting, staging, and buying upgrades

Be Real With Potential Buyers

Answer any questions that a new homeowner might ask including those about how the volcano will affect property values, insurance, appraisals, or any other information you might know about living in this particular zone. Being honest with people is a tremendous way to gain trust. New buyers already realize that there is a potential risk for volcanic eruptions. Appeal to these people by giving them the tips they need to live in this environment if they are not local.

Understand That Selling Can Take Time

  • Selling may take longer than usual
  • You might see less than ideal numbers at home showings
  • Negotiations are tougher, so hiring a property agent might be in your best interest


Find Creative Ways To Appeal To Buyers

To sell your property, you may have to think about innovative ideas that can get your listing attention. You can play up the character features in your home to make sure that your property stands out. You can also talk with people that tour your house to see what they want the most from a property in your area. For example, some homeowners may feel that the price is right if you allow them to keep the current furnishings or something that they love. For instance, you can consider throwing in the window treatments if that is what the buyer feels can reduce energy costs or make the space super inviting.

While living in lava zone one makes home selling a tough process, by following these tips you can encourage viewers to give your home a second thought. Remember to hire a designer to help you stage or at least provide you with a consultation to get tips. Using an agent can provide you with the most potential candidates to buy your house. They have the connections and network you need to reach the masses. Sweetening the deal is an excellent way to help your house stand out from the others on the market, so a nice appliance package may not hurt if you have room in the budget. You will likely recoup the cost when you sell because you can ask for top dollar when you offer things others sellers are not.

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