Things to Consider When Moving To the Big Island

You may be thinking of moving to Hawaii, and it is indeed a beautiful place to live. A paradise  with a charming culture. Nevertheless, there are a few things you do need to take into consideration before you pack up and head to the Big Island. It is often said that people who live on the Island are often healthier, happier and livelier than people who stay in other areas.

And, although this might be true, you need to know that life’s challenges and stress can still come knocking on the door. In this post, we will be giving you tips on things you need to consider when moving to the big island in Hawaii and a small picture into what to expect when living the Island life — a completely different, yet interesting life experience. 

Cost of living on the Big Island 

Living in Hawaii can be fun and you will feel like you are in paradise but be prepared for the added expensive of living on the Big Island. There is no way around it, the cost of living in Hawaii is very high, but there are some offsets, for example, property taxes are relatively low when compared to other states. Grocery costs are higher than average as most of the food items are shipped from Mainland, however, there are also some wonderful local farm to table markets that can help you keep those bills down. All in all the trade offs for living in Hawaii are huge.


When planning to relocate to the Big Island, you may need to get used to living with bugs. After all it is the tropics and insects can be plentiful. They fly everywhere and you will need to find ways to live with these guys if you really want to stay in Hawaii peacefully. Long term residents of the Big Island are used to the insects and can help you with tips and tricks for getting along. Again, the trade-offs are immense and you will be so busty enjoying the beautiful environment, going out to surf and just being surrounded by the flora and natural calm will help you stave off any concerns about insects.  

Transportation on the Big Island

There are many ways to get from place to place in Hawaii and all of the islands have bus and taxi services. From trolleys and taxicabs to one of America’s finest bus systems, you’ll find a number of convenient transportation options at your disposal. If you are a newcomer in Hawaii, be sure to know and observe the road rules and local customs. For example, Hawaiians are very laid back and as such, are also very calm on the roads. Honking your horn is considered exceptionally rude by the local people, unless it is absolutely necessary for safety’s sake. Hawaii driving can be an incredibly rewarding experience thanks to the breathtaking landscapes and is especially so when you drive with care and consider all the other road users around you.

Shopping on the Big Island

Another important thing you need to put into consideration before moving to a big island in Hawaii is the cost of shopping for basic amenities. Shopping for clothes and food items can occasionally be challenging because things get out of stock and everything is shipped from the mainland. However, you will find that Hawaii is extremely modern and has all the local stores that you are used to along with many local options for shopping.

In conclusion, before moving to Hawaii you should be sure you are ready to cope with all the challenges that living on the Big Island can present. Knowing these ahead of time will make it easier on you as you settle into your new life. Although, you may need to adapt to some new things in the Hawaiian culture, living on the island is an experience like no other place on earth.

The serene environment, beautiful landscape, cool climate, friendly residents, and amazing culture has made Hawaii one of the best places to relocate to. There are a lot of interesting and amazing things that await you here.

Relocating or moving to Hawaii doesn’t have to be stressful and any adjustments that you might need to make like eating more fruits like avocado and less steak and adapting to a simpler lifestyle will only enhance your quality of life. By adhering to the tips given above, a lifetime of adventure, peace, and serenity awaits you.

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