New to the Big Island?

Living on the Big Island makes you feel like you are in a perpetual paradise and those who call the Big Island home on average tend to live a happier and healthier lifestyle than their mainland counterparts. With its astonishing views, stunning beaches and enticing charm, it is no wonder that people consider selling their homes, quitting their strenuous jobs and grabbing their one-way ticket to the Big Island of Hawaii.

With so many things to see and do you may get overwhelmed when you first move to the island but, once you know all types of activities available, you will be able to settle into the easy lifestyle that is available for all residents.

The big island has numerous activities and you can’t do them all nor do you necessarily want to. We all have our favorite things and here are 10 things that will get you started on living in paradise:

  • Biking – An easy way to enjoy the island, is by leasing a bike. This can allow you explore the island at your own pace. Bike riding is one of the low key and relaxing activities on the island. All you need to do is grab that helmet and enjoy the ride.
  • Botanical Gardens and Camping – The island hosts plentiful rainforests, cascading waterfalls and tropical plantations where the natural flora can be found. There are also many varying types of botanical gardens that are spread all over the big island over the big island. These are a must see to be able to truly appreciate the variety of flora and fauna that the island has to offer. Some of them also host camping sites and beach parks where you can set up your tent and enjoy the true outdoor atmosphere. 
  • Farmers Marketplace – The Farmer’s marketplace tends to be one of the little-recognized charms on the big islands. The markets are evenly distributed across the whole island and with just minimal planning you can visit several of them in one day. This means that you can make a stopover in one of the markets for breakfast, another for lunch, and another for shopping.
  • Volcanoes national park – The volcanoes national park is the most famous tourist site on the big island. While at the park, you can hike at the just coagulated lava fields, go across the palm leaf and rainforest that will make you feel like you are in Jurassic Park. A special treat is watching the lava glow at night from the on-site museum.
  • Play golf – The big island is home to some of the most prominent golfing ranges in the state. Many prominent golf course designers have carved competition golf courses into the island landscape that will have you coming back to visit the green site again and again.  
  • Surfing the Waves – If you are not a golf lover. How about surfing? The Big Island offers all levels of this popular activity and draws surfers from all over the world to try out her waves. Surfing allows you the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding a wave on the ocean, enjoy the pristine beaches and get to know others who are passionate about surfing.
  • Helicopter tour and zip lining – The island has numerous awe-inspiring wonders hidden behind obstacles that are not visible not unless seen from the air. There are numerous hidden waterfalls, fresh lava flows and the lava lakes that can only be experienced from the air and these breathtaking views are well worth it. Zip lining is a great activity where your body is fastened with a harness to a rope that is looped between a high and a low point. The zip lining sites are found on hilly places over beautiful spots and sceneries like meadows, and forests and give you a bird’s eye view of the incredible scenery below.
  • Hiking and horseback riding – The Big island is home to some extraordinary hiking spots over barren lava fields, isolated seashores, and lush tropical rainforest. You can hike through an old crater that was filled with lava over five decades ago or enjoy the thrill of horseback riding. There are numerous ranches that can offer you a chance to explore their ranges or be a part of guided tour of the fallows that offers remarkable views of the peaks and coastlines of the island.
  • Hot springs and lava viewing – The island has a number of hot springs on the eastern side of the island. The majority of these ponds are accessible by anyone in the island, and if you plan on living on the Big Island, the hot springs are a perfect addition to your things to do list. There is also a great site to view the lava flowing with a spectacular view.
  • Picnic spots and scenic drives – Everybody loves to have a picnic and the island has many picnic sites you can visit to experience a great time. With great weather, incredible views and beautiful beaches there is hardly ever a “bad” day for a picnic or lack of places to go.
  • Swimming with dolphins and whale watching – Make that 11 things to put on your list because you don’t want to miss the memorable experience of swimming with the dolphins, an activity that can be done by people of all age groups and swimming expertise. Almost all individuals who have done it describe the activity as an unforgettable experience that can give you awesome lifetime memories. Be sure to take your waterproof camera to capture the moments. The big island also offers a spectacular site to visit and watch whales between December and May. Additionally, you can do some scuba diving which is a perfect way to hide from the masses and enjoy the island water paradise on your own.

Whether you are moving to the big island with your family or on your own there are numerous natural wonders and scenic beauty that will make you want to stay forever among it’s abundance of free spectacular activities.

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