Wonders await just under the waves off the Kona coast

Whether it’s ecotourism or just adventure-seeking, the oceans off the west coast of the Big Island offer an experience like no other on earth.

Conscientious Undersea Adventures thrill-seekers and environmentalists alike flock to the Big Island’s Kona coast to experience exotic, threatened, natural environments and observe the undersea wildlife.

“If there is one place on the planet that seems ideally suited for eco-tourism and sustainable travel, it’s Hawaii,” says Frommer’s, one of the world’s leading travel guide publications, “a place people visit because of the ecology – the ocean … and the overall beauty of the place.”

Diving in

There are a couple of obvious ways to explore the ocean around the Big Island: snorkeling and scuba diving.  A simple Google search will reveal dozens of vendors offering training and equipment rentals if you want to do it that way.

But there’s another way you can experience the idyllic undersea kingdom awaiting you just off the Kona coast.  Why not go deeper? Book a sightseeing adventure in a submarine!

Right about now you’re thinking, No way!

Yes way!

Atlantis Submarines offers a one-of-kind, once-in-a-lifetime way to experience the teaming life and breathtaking seascapes off the Big Island’s beautiful west coast.  Travel as deep as 100 feet in comfort and safety.  Their submarine tours “show you the other 96% of Kona you can’t see any other way.”

“Treat yourself to Kona’s most beautiful and captivating scenery, habitats, and isolated treasures,” says Atlantis’ website.  They offer a variety of package deals for their cruises, partnering with local hotels and other attractions to offer added amenities.

What you can expect to see

Azure-clad vistas of colorful coral, scores of exotic fish, sea turtles, manta rays, eels, dolphins, porpoises … sharks! … the occasional whale, these are just some of the teaming life waiting to be seen under the waves.

The waters off the Kona Coast are home to thousands of species of exotic fish, dozens of varieties of marine mammals, and hundreds of species of coral.

I never want to leave!

Alright, so maybe you’ve explored the oceans, you’ve been enchanted by the beauty of the Island, and now you want to stay.  Are you thinking about buying property on the Big Island?  Real estate expert Annette Mejia offers hundreds of available listings and resources for relocating to the Big Island!  Around this site you will find articles, reviews, and helpful links to help you get acquainted with the area.  For more information, you can reach out through our Contact page, email Annette directly at [email protected] or call (808) 217-8500.

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