Vacation Rental Now, Home for Retirement Later

Rental then homeIf you are planning to retire on the Big Island, have you considered how buying a vacation rental now may benefit you in the future? You can invest now in the home you will one day move to during your retirement years, leveraging vacation rental revenue to offset the cost of it or even be net positive.

We can help you find homes for sale on the Big Island that will work for both a vacation rental and a home for retirement, so contact us any time to learn more. Here's what you need to know about employing this strategy successfully.

Dual Purpose Location

The first step towards realizing the dual purpose of your property is to select a home that doubles as a lucrative vacation rental. The tourism industry in Hawaii is robust, and the Big Island attracts visitors seeking a slice of paradise. Purchasing a home in a popular vacation destination allows you to capitalize on this demand, generating rental income to offset ownership costs while providing you with the flexibility to use the property when desired, even slowly renovating or furnishing it the way you will want it to be when you move to the property full time.

Location is key when choosing a vacation rental on the Big Island. Areas such as Kailua-Kona, Waikoloa, and Hilo are popular choices, boasting a perfect blend of amenities, accessibility, and breathtaking scenery. Proximity to attractions, beaches, and outdoor activities enhances the rental appeal, ensuring a steady stream of vacationers eager to experience the island's beauty. While nearly any location on the Big Island will be an option for vacation rentals, you will have the most success in parts of the island with close proximity to the features tourists come to see.

Optimizing the Property

To maximize the property's appeal as a vacation rental, consider investing in amenities that cater to tourists. A well-equipped kitchen, outdoor living spaces, and proximity to popular attractions can elevate your property's desirability. These are likely all features that you will want in your retirement home anyway, and by setting the property up as a vacation rental now you can leverage the rental revenue towards those goals. 

Engage with local property management services to handle bookings, maintenance, and guest communication, providing you with a hassle-free experience. While this will cut into your profit to some degree, this is the key that allows you to run a successful vacation rental that is truly a passive income source. Property management can be time consuming, and generally requires you to already live on the island. Create a better guest experience and a less stressful experience for you by outsourcing some of the daily work. 

Planning for Retirement on the Big Island

While the vacation rental aspect of your property generates income and helps cover expenses, it's essential to consider the long-term plan of transitioning the home into a permanent residence upon retirement. This requires a thoughtful approach to property selection, taking into account factors such as neighborhood, community, and proximity to essential services. 

Look for areas that offer a sense of community and align with your retirement vision. The Big Island provides a variety of options, from peaceful coastal communities to charming towns nestled in the verdant hills. Research healthcare facilities, recreational opportunities, and local amenities to ensure the chosen location meets your future needs.

In addition to considering the appeal of the property for tourists, take time to consider your preferred retirement lifestyle and what type of home will work for you. Don't forget to factor in aging in place, potentially limiting your search to single story or even wheelchair accessible properties. 

Time to Transition

Remember, you can also make changes when you transition from vacation rental to personal home. As your retirement on the Big Island approaches, it's time to adapt the property to meet your long-term requirements. This may involve renovations, landscaping, or additions that enhance the home's comfort and functionality. Consulting with local architects and contractors familiar with the unique demands of the island environment ensures that your property transforms seamlessly into your dream retirement home.

Investing in a property on the Big Island that serves as both a vacation rental and a future retirement home is a strategic way to lower the stress involved with retirement planning. By carefully selecting the right location, optimizing the property for short-term rentals, and planning for the transition to permanent residence, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the financial benefits of a vacation rental today and the peace of mind knowing you already own the home you want to retire in during the coming years. Ready to find homes for sale on the Big Island? Contact us any time.

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