We often imagine life in Hawaii to be grandiose, but relaxing, filled with beautiful ocean scenery, great food and a welcoming atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. These ideas are what influence many people to move and live on the Big Island. However, there’s more to be found in Hawaii than just the food and surf. Hawaii is also a hot spot for watching whales, which usually appear diving in and out of the waters from November to May. Kauai, Maui and the Big Island itself are the some of the best places in Hawaii for watching majestic whales in their natural habitat.

Where Can I Expect to Find Whales?

For those who live on the Big Island, you can stick to Kohala or Kona. However, you can also take a trip to Holoholokai Beack Park, Polulu Valley or Waipi’o and camp out there to spot for whales. However, if you choose the latter option, be sure to set up a permit to camp first! If you’re especially determined, Google can point you in the right direction by giving you a map of the most frequented locations.

Why Do the Whales Travel to Hawaii?

Unlike humans, whales don’t come to Hawaii to scope out Big Island real estate! Rather, Hawaii falls within the humpback whales’ migration patterns, which they follow each year. During the winter months, whales will travel to Hawaii’s warm ocean currents to spend their time mating and giving birth to new young. During this time, they fast and then spend the summer building up their body fat by eating as much as they can in preparation for mating season. Hawaii’s oceans lack the high risk of predators that could harm a whale’s young, making it ideal for migration.

You Can See Them Even While on Dry Land

Hilo, Kohala and North Kona are excellent spots to browse for whales traveling through the ocean. You can easily spot a whale through its long tail rising up and smacking against the water or by a sudden spurt of water rising vertically toward the sky. Some whales will even leap up, letting you get a full glimpse!

If You’re on the Braver Side, Try Going Snorkeling

If you’re interested, you can take advantage of boating services on the island. There are many that cater specifically to following the whales and will take you on a tour leading straight to them. This will give you the chance to also see many other species of sea life besides the whales, including whale sharks, turtles and dolphins. These tour boats are similar to a cruise and offer a full-service bar, as well as the opportunity to take photos of the animals you see. It is the perfect way to make lasting memories!

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