The Big Island Has it All

Big Island real estate continues to attract investors from all over Hawaii. From luxury condos and penthouses to bay-front properties, there are several types of homes available on the market.

Big Island architecture is synonymous with modern and contemporary décor as well as homes that feature traditional décor, along with easy access to sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. If living on the Big Island, you are probably aware of the latest residential and commercial developments. In fact, real estate on the Big Island is among the fastest growing markets in Hawaii – with new homes and businesses currently underway.

Home Sales are up on the Big Island

Architectural types on the Big Island vary. Even looking at the stellar real estate statistics for the Big Island in 2017, home sales are expected to increase by 4% in early 2018. Similarly, there is a millennial shift from the big-city areas to quieter and more serene suburban enclaves. Among the popular venues that are currently seeing huge investments is beach houses. These homes are situated throughout the Big Island and mainly near the coastlines that are blanketed with oceanfront  homes, stilt homes, and luxury condos and real estate developments on the Big Island. In order to understand the major markets within the Big Island, real-estate agents mainly work within the following areas:

•    Puna
•    South Hilo
•    North Hilo
•    Hamakua
•    North Kohala
•    South Kohala
•    North Kona
•    South Kona
•    Kau

Big Island Beach Houses and Condos

Despite the big-city attractions of the Big Island, beachfront properties continue to soar in regional popularity. These exquisite homes feature open concept designs, which combines elements of air, natural light and contemporary design. Similarly, there are mid and high-rise luxury condos and penthouses available with picturesque scenery and backdrops. Some condos are priced well into the millions, while older establishments range between the $300s – 800s. Here are some of the amenities showcased in beachfront homes and condos:

  • Elegant gardens, lavish landscaping and beautiful flora -Mother Nature at her finest.
  • Spacious kitchens fitted with the latest in smart appliances and accessories.
  • Open kitchens that offer easy access to decks, outside patios, and gardens – exquisite balustrade designs that capture the true allure and essence of the Big Island.
  • Cozy fireplaces for those cold nights – central AC/heating – large entertainment centers – LED TV stations – Wi-Fi – ample leg and closet storage space.
  • Easy access to local transportation hubs, retail establishments, fine dining, schools, and city center areas.
  • Close proximity to several towns and villages -nestled within the beautiful mountains, hills, and miles of coastline beaches and resorts that make up the Big Island. 
  • Single-family homes, one-story, two-story, condos, and apartments with large windows that bring in natural sunlight. 
  • Contemporary – modern and traditional home designs available throughout the Island.

Big Island Single Family Homes

The Big Island has single-family homes ranging from the $100s to well over a million. Townhouses are among the top-sellers for home buyers and renters. With its laid-back, down-home country living – Kona is one of the best places to work and raise a family in. As a sleepy beach and coastal town, Kona has seen property sales increase by 7% since the third quarter of 2017. With only 6% of home sellers currently listing properties on the market for the first quarter of 2018, these numbers are slated to increase as the year progresses.

It is also important to know that the Island is pretty much made up of small real-estate areas. This includes villages per designated town or area – all offering their own unique flavor for Big Island homebuyers and investors.

Big Island Apartments

Along with single-family homes and beachside condos, apartments are also seeing a nice bump in sales. In fact, the current trends are moving away from existing vertical high-rises to more affordable mid-rises and complexes. Rents within these units range from $400 – $600 for studio apartments, and into the thousands for a one – two – three bedroom units. This is relatively lower as compared with other islands within Hawaii. Most of the new apartment complexes are also being fitted with smart kitchens, as well as onsite amenities like laundry, dry-cleaning, fitness, and entertainment. Contact your local real-estate agent today to learn more today.Big Island Information and Current Real-Estate Trends

If planning to move to the Big Island, there are some important things to keep in mind. For one, the Big Island of Hawaii (Hawaii Island) is larger than all other Hawaiian island combined. You may or may not need a car – depending on the type of work you do or business you own. The Big Island does have convenient bus, taxi and shuttle services for everyday errands and chores. There are several airports and airstrips on the Big Island as well – for weekly, monthly or yearly travel. Most of all, there is plenty of land and homes available on the Island – with prices much lower than other islands in Hawaii. With the current real-estate boom across the Island, investors are pouring in from all over Polynesia and the Mainland U.S. There is also a strong international presence on the Big Island – with restaurants and businesses being developed frequently.

There is a world-renowned active volcano on the Big Island. In fact, this area attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world. The Big Island tourism – and other industries – continues to help the commercial sectors grow each day. In fact, you will find a myriad of reasons to live on the Big Island and a multitude of industries on the island, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitality, lodging, and tourism – including charter fishing, charter boating, guided tours, and bus-shuttle tours that showcase the most historic points of interest on the Big Island. 
  • Retail and commercial – the Big Island is home to a range of retail, commercial, souvenir, and traditional mom and pop stores located in the villages.
  • Fine dining establishments – The Big Island has a multitude of dining options from traditional Hawaiian to continental and international, there are several 5-star restaurants – cafes -and eateries that blanket the Big Island of Hawaii. 
  • Entertainment and sports – the Big Island is known for its vibrant nightlife with plenty of karaoke and sports bars. There are also movie cinemas, bowling alleys, and plenty of things to do and see at the many resorts on the Island. 
  • Commercial and business – the Big Island is also thriving in terms of commercial offices and businesses. From technology and cloud-based IT to insurance, health, medical, and investing – the Big Island continues to grow in terms of domestic and international commerce. 

All in all – the real estate on the Big Island of Hawaii has a lot to offer and people are taking notice.  If you are ready to make a move – Contact Annette Today!

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