Who is Moving to Hawaii and Why Are They Choosing the Big Island?

Warm-weather climates have always inspired healthier living, and this may be a key incentive for people who are thinking of moving to Hawaii. From Boomers to Millennials healthy living close to water has become the new lifestyle for many and living in a healthy environment is a top priority for those looking to buy a new home on the Big Island in Hawaii.

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Hawaii?

According to the latest census, many of the people moving to Hawaii are over the age of 45. In most cases their reasons stated is because they are looking to improve their quality of life. For some, it’s because their doctors have advised them that it’s time to take their health more seriously and many have decided to stop postponing those new healthy habits and are looking to move to a place that promotes healthy living.

Statistics about Moving to Hawaii

The big island of Hawaii has a large percentage of its population that are over the age of 65. This is compared to the national average. However, research show that all age groups are moving to Hawaii or researching Hawaii as a place to move in the future, each for their own reasons including boomers, generation X, and millennials.

The Boomers

People from the baby-boomer generation don’t necessarily like the words senior citizen. They don’t identify as seniors and see themselves as more creative, active and looking at longer lifespans than their parents at the same age.

Many boomers with this mindset see their move to Hawaii as strategic and in alignment with their values. They see it as an ideal time to buy a home in a location that fits the lifestyle that they have imagined for their retirement years.

An increasing number of people over the age of 50 are considering relocating for their retirement years and most are looking for homes in tropical locations.

As children enter college or leave home, Boomers are realizing that they can live anywhere, especially today when technology makes it easy for entrepreneurs and as well as some corporate employees to work remotely.

Some boomers want to purchase a second house as a future retirement home. The intention is to first use the house as a vacation home until they’re actually ready to retire making it a good investment property as well. While other boomers are planning to work after relocating.

Moving to Hawaii can make sense in all of these scenarios.

Millennials and Gen-X

So if boomers are looking for peace, tranquility and a healthier lifestyle, what is attracting younger people to the Big Island?

And the answer seems to be quality of life – finding the perfect combination of local amenities to match the lifestyle they choose to live. Many want a home where nature and amenities are plentiful, such as:

  • a good sense of community
  • room for organic gardening
  • access to organic fruits and vegetables
  • fresh, clean water
  • moderate climate
  • On or near a body of water
  • reasonable cost of living
  • year-round sunshine
  • relaxed way of life
  • cultural offerings

They are moving to Hawaii and, the big island of Hawaii, in particular – because it offers a selection of affordable lifestyle apartments, homes and estates with many outdoor living features.

Rent Prices in the city of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii are 53.12% lower than in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. Restaurant Prices in Hilo are 22.56% lower than in Honolulu. Grocery prices in Hilo are at least 7.47% lower, and can be lower than that if you eat fresh food (the Big Island is mostly an agricultural island, so fresh produce and eggs can be very affordable if you know where to shop).

The average listing price for a four-bedroom in Honolulu is around $1.1 million. To compare, the average home price in Keaau – a stunningly beautiful and peaceful community on the Big Island – is around $280,000. So, a million dollars will get you a nice house on a standard lot on Oahu, but for the same price you can have a stunning multi-acre luxury lifestyle estate on the Big Island with your own crops and ocean view.

Technology has made possible today what would have been unthinkable just ten years ago.

The New York Times reports that telecommuting is fast on the rise. The average telecommuter is a 49 year-old college graduate who belongs to a company with 100 or more employees and telecommuting is continuing to grow in popularity and is robust in a variety of jobs and being accomplished by all types of people.

More People Working in Outdoor Offices

Lanai is a Hawaiian word that meaning tropical veranda. It’s like a patio, only better. One of the amazing benefits of moving to Hawaii, is that you will most likely have daily access to a lanai or balcony that can becomes like a second office or living room area to be enjoyed year-round.

You can, of course, include decorative items in the design of your outdoor space, but it might be wise to keep them to a minimum. An outdoor living space should be, above all, functional.

Items that can improve your outdoor work-spaces include:

  • comfortable chairs with fabrics specifically created for the outdoors
  • a large table that is easy to clean
  • a collapsible awning for shade (very important if you don’t have a lanai) 

What is a Hawaiian Retreat?

Those thinking of moving to the Big Island will often want to “test out” the Hawaiian lifestyle by visiting for an extended stay at a Hawaiian retreat.

A retreat is a place people go for relaxation and self-improvement. Often the location of a retreat is more quiet and secluded than what one would normally experience in everyday life but it does offer a more realistic glimpse of full-time living on the Big Island than the touristy experience at a standard hotel.

living in Hawaii

Retreats on the Islands are particularly popular because they offer opportunities for enrichment in one of the most beautiful and remote places on planet earth – a perfect place to contemplate and research whether moving to Hawaii is the right choice for you.

Retreats can often have an educational or spiritual theme. Imagine any topic and there is probably a popular retreat designed around it. Whether it’s obtaining continuing-education credits for a license or learning a craft or skill such as painting, weaving, surfing, fishing, yoga, cooking or even midwifery, there is most likely a retreat designed around your particular interest.

One example of a popular retreat destination is Kalani located on the big island of Hawaii in the rain forests along the shores of the North Pacific ocean. This ecologically tropical retreat offers nutritious cuisine and comfortable accommodations in rustic yurts on a stunning 120 acres.

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