Moving to the Big Island and Finding the Right Home to Buy

The idea of moving to the Big Island of Hawaii is a thrilling time for those lucky enough to be in that position. The thought of the beautiful weather year-round, endless outdoor activities, and incredible history, enough to make anyone excited about the chance to move to paradise. The only downside, this is something many people doing every day, so the available properties are moving fast.
Here are some tips for moving to the Big Island of Hawaii and finding the house of your dreams.

Gathering Information About Your Home

Finding a qualified and professional realtor on the Big Island will seem like a breeze compared to finding your house. With more families moving to Hawaii, inventory is moving at record paces and no sooner do you see and fall in love with a home, it has a contract on it that day. Despite being miles away, your realtor can get the wheels moving so that you don’t get shut out each time you find a home you want to see. Forget the real estate magazines, those homes are weeks old by the time you see them, and usually have contracts on them in days. Your realtor has access to the most up-to-date listings on the Big Island, and will coordinate with you over the phone or internet to get details about your dream home.

The more specific about the age of the house, neighborhood, size of house, number of bedrooms, size of yard, and maximum price, the faster your agent can narrow down the search and send you active listings to consider.

How Virtual Reality Saves Time

Although it might seem like an impossible task to find a home when you live thousands of miles away, your real estate agent is going to utilize technology to bridge the gap. Realtors today not only take dozens of professional pictures of their listings, they make use of virtual reality tours too. These tours allow you to step foot inside your very own Big Island home from anywhere in the world. By utilizing the virtual reality tour, you can give your real estate agent back on the Big Island instant feedback about your likes, dislikes, and feelings about the home.

The more detailed the feedback, the easier it will be for your real estate agent to narrow down the search so you are able to have time to get an offer in before another buyer takes it from out under your feet.

Coordinating Your Trip to Hawaii

Falling in love with a listing on the Big Island and making an offer in time are two different things. Your realtor is here to help, being able to coordinate your trip with you to minimize issues that could arise. Whether you are coming out for the weekend to find the home or already moving to the island and staying in a rental, your real estate agent can help with all the details. Soon as you have arrived, your realtor will have a full day planned of viewings in all the homes you were interested in and some surprises along the way.

Since new listings on the Big Island show up in the MLS every day, anything your realtor feels is in line with your needs will be part of the itinerary for the day. Motivated sellers are impatient, so if a full price offer comes in on your dream home, you could miss out when you delay. Your realtor will make certain to utilize their connections to find out if offers are coming in and which houses need to be seen first.

Trusting Your Realtor Has a Plan

Whatever it takes to get you the house you fall in love with on the Big Island, your realtor is hard at work to make it happen. When it comes time to present the offer, your realtor already has prepared the documents in a way that show your sincere interest in closing in a timely manner and how you already have funding secure. Giving the sellers that added piece of mind goes a long way in making the deal a reality. While you are busy dealing with moving to the island, your realtor is coordinating the home inspection, preparing necessary documents, setting up meetings with the real estate attorney, and making certain the bank has all they need to close on schedule.

The best realtors on the Big Island of Hawaii have learned that efficiency is everything, because even the slightest delay could cause the deal to fall though. From start to finish, your realtor will coordinate everything so your piece of paradise becomes a reality.

Enjoying Your New Life on Hawaii

Now that the closing was a success and your realtor has handed you the keys to your new home, it is time to enjoy everything that the Big Island has to offer. Perhaps you are an outdoor type, there are endless ATV trails, snorkeling excursions, or adventures awaiting you near the top of the volcano. Those who simply want to relax will have little trouble with some of the world’s top beaches to choose from. Take a day trip to either Akaka Falls State Park, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, and take in the history of the Hawaiian culture.

If you run out of things to do, simply ask your realtor and they will tell you all about what draws millions to the island every year. Trips to the macadamia nut farm, bread baking tours, hula contents, to weekly pig roasts, you’ll discover that you are going to be spending less time in your new home and more time discovering what makes the Big Island truly paradise.

Successfully finding the right home and coordinating the move will all be a direct result of the real estate agent you are working with. With so many things that need to go right for everything to fall into place, rest assured that when working with the professionals, things will work out perfectly.


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